Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shu Uemura Color Atelier and Toyko Lash Bar 2011 - Ethnocolor-Scope

Few days ago, attended the medie preview of Shu Uemura Color Aterlier : One palette, infinite look.

On Friday(24th June 2011- which is yesterday) Shu Uemura will Launch their new "Color Atelier" collection.
New eyeshadows, glow on blushes and custom casing exlusively at Takashimaya counter.
Islandwide release on Tuesday (28th June 2011) Singapore

Color Atelier will be releasing 45 eyeshadows shades,28 glow-on blushes and limited edition White custom casing (for mono, duo or quad). Normal custom casing is in black. 20 more new eyeshadow shades will be launch towards the end of 2011.

Don't need glue, double sided tape or magnet to stick the refill pan onto the custom casing.

The limited edition white casing palette...

The Duo casing can fit 2 pans pressed eyeshadow/A glow-on blush...
where Quad casing can fit 4 pans of pressed eyeshadow/ 2 glow on blushes.

Custom cases - mono (Price-SD$12),  duo (Price-SD$14) and quad (Price-SD$22). 
Pan pressed eyeshadow = SD$22 (1.4grams) (Full color spectrum, 5 different textures)
Pan glow-on blush = SD$33 (2 Textures :Matte & Pearl)

Check out Kas( interesting makeup maths on these new refillable form pan eyeshadows/blushes.

City Allure by Clarence Lee
Shu Uemura has collaborated with Clarence Lee as special guest makeup artist to create City Allure, an eye makeup palette that encapsulates local metropolitan style. Featuring shades and textures that best complement Singapore women, the palette is a materialization of Clarence's years of makeup artistry and of his understanding of his clients' tastes and lifestyles.

Ok.. here are some of the random swatches of the eyeshadows/Glow on blushes...

Check out more eyeshadow swatches on Iris(Rouge Deluxe)

More Glow On blush swatches at Iris's blog (Rouge Deluxe)

Tokyo Lash Bar 2011 - Ethnocolor-Scope

2011's Toyko lash bar collection, "Ethnocolor-Scope" features the beauty of intricate decoration inspired by handicrafts.

Premium Limited Editions: Ethnic Charm and Green Folklore (Price: SD$98)

Statement Pieces (Tribal patch and oriental arch) Price SD$41
Partial Lashes/Accents (mini violet and vibrant partial eyelashes) Price SD$34

The goodies... =(^O^)=

Lashes: Statement Pieces (Tribal patch)
Custom quad casing with City Allure shades
ME123(Light Pink), ME 856(Medium Brown), M813(Light Beige) and ME 996(Black)

*** New Names(numbering) Chart for the Glow-on Blushes and Pressed Eyeshadows (Click here)