Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sharing my skincare routine

My updated skincare routine, which mostly surrounded with soothing, hydrating range! (I prefer using hydrating range too!)

I have been receiving quite afew emails asking me to share my "Skincares routine" and "favourite of the month" (which I haven't been doing for many months(lolx) ... I will do an entry on it soon "promise" ^__^)

It does look like I'm using alot of products... but it's isn't! Because, I don't use all in a go.. I love rotating products (and I know all works quite well with my skin)

Recently I added quite alot of Vichy into my routine(I didn't add in all in a go... I add in slowly... one item by one item, so that I will know whether the products will cause any skin irritation).
So, let's start with cleansers...

1) Vichy Normaderm Acne Prone Skin Cleansing Gel (I only start using this recently... not really too fond of the feeling... oh well.. will try it for awhile longer)

2) Nature Republic Fresh Farm Cleansing Foam... The one I'm using now is "Grapefruit"... but I still prefer "Rice" version(totally loving the squeaky clean feeling and it doesn't made my skin feel tight!)

Makeup remover

Shu Uemura Fresh Cleansing oil... The oil was pretty light, easy to spread around the face without the need of using "alot". Remove makeup and stubborn waterproof mascara like "Majolica Mojorca", "Fasio" and the new limited edition KissMe Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara very well!
Though the emulsion of this cleansing oil was pretty light, doesn't feel thick.. (so do remember to just wet the fingers instead of the whole palm, to massage the oil... else it will just clean off the oil on the face) Well, I still prefer thick slimy emulsion texture.. it just a feeling of I'm doing more massage to get everythings off my face! lolx

Cleansing Water
I love using cleansing water as an everyday mild scrub to cleanse off dead skin cell, so that I won't have the need to use harsh scrub.

1) Bioderma Sensibio H2O - This is a pretty good cleansing water... it does make my skin feel soft and nice... and it's pretty soothing too. But it doesn't work quite well as a mild makeup remover.. cos I did try using this to remove my foundation for about 2 weeks... I start to see some clogging around my chin and cheeks!!!! (It remove dirts and foundation on the surface well.. but doesn't work quite well on the pores!)

2) Sana Easy Peel Cleansing water (AHA+BHA) ... I still find this or KOSE cleansing lotion works better as a cleansing water(not makep remover).

Well.. I never really trust using cleansing water, milk or wipes to remove makeup... I still prefer cleansing oil (not oil cleanser - I prefer the type that have an extra emulsion step)

Toner/Skin lotion

1) Vichy Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion: I only start using this skin lotion for about aweek.. it feel pretty soothing and light.

2) Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Moisture Lotion(Help improve elasticity of open pores) ... I don't hate or love this product, well it just too soon to tell! (some basic infos on this moisture lotion(below) (This moisture lotion contain 100% raw royal jelly)

Check out more information on Hojunki thru their website.

3) Sana Konuka (Rice) skin lotion - This feel pretty OK, quite moisturizing but nothing too special. Maybe I should try the rich version. (Check out their website for more information) I do like the packaging and the pump!(lolx)

4) Sana Namerakahonpo Moisture skin lotion (Soymilk Isoflavone combined) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion.. althought this does contain alcohol... but it doesn't irritate or cause dryness to my skin. (Click here for my review)

I don't use all this lotion together.. mostly I'm using Sana Namerakahonpo... and on very warm day, I prefer to use the Ho-Jun-Ki Moisture Lotion, cos it quite cooling and soothing.


1) Vichy Normaderm Refine: Total Pore resurfacing essence... I totally inlove with the texture and how velvety smooth it made my skin feel (I still haven't see any effect on pore minimizing yet..)

2) B.liv : Off with those heads: I totally in love with this when I'm dealing with blackheads

3) Viccal No 1.10 serum : I do have abit of problems with this serum (I have been using that for about 2 weeks plus) most of the time, it doesn't feel much special/effect.. but sometimes it will cause irratation to my skin with red itchy bumps. (And recently, I attended their "Viccal's event"... to understand more about their brand and serums... and Vicky, she advised to skip days on using it(it might be too rich) and she gave me another serum sample "2.11" (which might be more suitable for my skin type- I will try it and do a full review on the serum after using it for sometimes(say...  3-4weeks)

4) Elizabeth Arden White Glove extreme brightening corrector (sample).. dont be fool like this tiny little 3ml tube sample.. it last me a month to finish just a tube.. (I'm not a face on whitening range or spot lightening serum.. cos it always cause irritation to my skin.. I do notice it does lightening a bit of my skin texture(I think my freckles is genetic.. cos it have been there since when I have knowledge about my appearance... and no amount of good or powerful spot lightening products can lighten/fade it!)

5) PREVAGE White Target Skin Tone Corrector (sample) - I kinda like this serum... I use this to apply all over my face... hoping that it will even out my uneven skintone...  but I only see abit of brightening effect. Well, the good thing was that this doesn't burn, irritate, cause any breakout or dries up my skin! (I use this serum everyday for the first 3 weeks.. Now, I'm rotating different serum every 4days)

I remember watching an episode of "woman"(女人我最大) and Niu Er(牛爾) mentioned about a routine for beautiful skin in 12days.

Just by rotating different range of skincares in 12days.. like using hydrating, whitening and anti-aging skincares.. each range took 3 or 4days. Cos our skin will change within 3 or 4 days... so using different range within this period of time will keep our skin in the peak and top condition. (I will try search the clip on Youtube and add in here)


1) Clinique moisture surge - my all time favourite moisturizer(beside biotherm Aquasource) - this not only hydrating, but it make skin feel ultra smooth!!!!! (Not sticky or oily at all... doesn't cause any breakout or skin irritation!!!!)

2) Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Care  - New love, it really non-sticky, oily and it absorb really well and fast to a smooth finishing! Pretty hydrating too!

3) Vichy New Night Anti-Imperfection + Rejuvenating Care - Might be my new love as night moisturizer (well... it not as hydrating as the Clinique moisture surge) but it's good enough! I only start using this for around 2weeks... so it's still early to tell whether it does any good to my skin!. (But as I can say was that, I'm not hating it and have been using it everyday for the past weeks)

Right now... I'm using Vichy day and Night moisturizer. And Clinique on days when I think my skin was very dry from the heat/weather.


1) The Bodyshop Wise Woman eye cream (anti-aging range) - This is by far my HG eyecream!! It wasn't as impressive as reducing fine lines or dark circle.. but it good enough in making my fine lines look last dry. Why HG... cos it totally soothe and made the eczema went away on my eyelid!!! Since then... I have been using this everyday!

Sometimes I do look for alternative... but I always went back to TBS Wise Woman!! Cos when I start to feel abit redness/itchy on the lids.. I will switch back!  And just recently(I was using Prevage eyecream), I have major itchyness on one of my eyelid(that used to have eczema) it look very sore with afew red bumps around the lid(it happened at night when I was about to sleep).

I quickly apply TBS wise woman eyecream and almost instantly, I feel the sore and itchyness calm down... and the bump went away after I woke up the next day! (amazing right?!?!) I do found a great alternative.. it's Skin79: The Oriental Lifting Eye controller.... too bad Singapore don't carry this anymore!

2) Prevage eyecream - I have been using this for 2 weeks until eczema attack last thursday! This eyecream was pretty rich and it does feel abit greasy after applying. But even with the rich texture, it doesn't cause any oil seeds around my under eyes! Very moisturizing, pump up the fine lines... but too bad, this was not soothing enough for my eyelids :( (I stop using this and have pass it to my mum!)

Facial Mist

1) L'egere Pure aqua ice toner - this was a really "cold" mist which can be double up as a toner, it work really well on bringing down the skin temperature. (But it might be abit drying) I only use this when I have break-out (cos it will calm and cool down angry break-out) .. I hardly use this anymore.... lolx, cos no breaking out for quite sometimes already(*touch wood* I hope I won't be using this forever and ever!!!)

2) Nature Republic Morocan Rose Facial Mist - it smell soothing and it just a normal hydrating mist. Nothing too special.

3) Beaute Claire Skin cleanser detox - spray it before toner or anytimes to kill 99.9% of P.acnes(actual bacteria that cause acnes)... this can be use on any part of the body to kill bacteria and even spray inside your mouth to kill bacteria. (I always have to cover my nose when I'm using this... cos it will made me sneeze non-stop!) lolx... but I do love the scent (pretty ironic right... love the scent but can't breath in directly- hai~)

4) Sana Uruoitaishi Moisture mist - Moisture-keep formula, Nano-collagen combined, No fragrance. No colorant. No mineraloil. Alcohol free. And contain 3 type of hyaluronic acid. This spray was really hydrating and soothing. I like to use this when feel really warm with sticky face.

5) MAC Fix+ rose(and the original) - nothing too special about this... I still prefer MAC charged water, cos it feel more soothing and hydrating!

Body Lotion/moisturizer

1) Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera soothing moisturizing Gel I love how smooth my skin feel after the moisturizing gel absorbed into the skin!

2) Hadanomy moisturizer cream... athought this is a face moisturizer gel cream, I like it better when use on my arms/body (on the face, it just feel sticky and abit hard to absorb) When using this on the arms/body... it absorbed really fast and skin feel so smooth!

3) Physiogel Hypoallergenic cream - I did a review back then saying this is my saviour for eczema skin (I have quite serious condition on my knees... extremely dry, itchy and flaky. It doesn't heal totally but it does make it look less white and flaky.. I believe long term wise it will start to disappear (and I hope it wont come back again!!!!!)  

Now I like to layer it with the Aloe Vera moisturizing gel (double the soothing effect! lolx (Aloe first then seal it with physiogel cream)

Oh... not forgetting the wonderful gadget LMS spotlights...
Whenever I feel that my skin feel abit sore(it might be the start of having acne.. I will use the spotlight on the area to prevent it!!! This is an amazing gadget!!!! I love using it!

I should be using this everyday to reduce inflammation and prevention for future breakouts and boost up my collagen level... but I was being "LAZY" (lolx)

Finally, a long post huh, lolx
Well... that's all for my updated skincare routine.
Do you have any interesting products to share? Especially soothing range or any products that was good for body eczema? (email me or leave a comment below ^__^)