Revolutionary technology ATP38 at SPA-Lon + initial review on the treatment

Months ago(November 2010), I was invited to witness the Launch of ATP38 at SPA-Lon(Singapore would be the 2nd country to have it!)

It a aesthetic, slimming and medical gadget machine!

Presentation by Dr Francois Michel

Without competition, the most powerful LED device worldwide

Type of treatments...


The 5 Targets for ATP38...

At the end of the event... they provided us with a set of haircare products and a Voucher to try out a session of ATP38 treatment.

My Review:
I went for the ATP treatment at Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet(around December 2010).. cos over there they have 2 ATP38 machines. (Went there with Verlyn and Jessie.. which also went to this launch event)

Skin analysis by the beautician::: She told me that I have sensitive skin and the lack of collagen(nothing new right? lolx)... she recommended LED therapy and Radio Frequency(Not sure is this the name.. but it's something related to it.. which said that it will minimize wrinkles).

After cleansing the face... she start with Radio Frequency(it's a bar/tube gadget... that massage all over the face down to the neck)... follow by RED LED light therapy (the lights were so powderful that it kinda made my eyes tight with pressure... so she changed a bigger goggles for me.)

The whole duration last about 30mins... pretty relaxing. My skin look dewy(well, my skin always look dewy after facial) and I also notice that the line on my neck was gone(amazing).. but it doesn't last long!! (Hai~ lolx)

The line came back after afew hours ... Well, I guess with more sessions, the result would be more visible.