Friday, June 03, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Launch Party

last Sunday(29th May 2011), attended the Guerlain Rouge Automatique Launch Party. It's a pretty casual party showcasing the NEW Guerlain Rouge Automatique.

A light, fresh and fun lipstick that adorns the lips with pure, transparent crystal color.

The New Guerlain Rouge automatique consist of 25 pop and fun, bright, luminous and delicatelt transparent shades. Each shades is named after a cult houser creation. The 25 shades came from the 4 blocks of tones (The Pinks, The Nudes, The Reds and The Orange)

Swatches...(credit to Verlyn, cos she the one who swatched all the shades... I'm just taking a pic off from her hand!)

Received a Rouge Automatique in 140 mitsouko

Lips swatch... (excuse my dry lips... having some minor inflammation on the bottom lip)

Oh well, even though the shade was pretty light, it still cover the sore(redness) of my bottom lip.

The shade was pretty light... might not show up well on darker lips shade. It gave my lips a nice golden sheen, the shimmers doesn't make me look sick at all! Pretty Pretty ^__^

More party pics...

Makeup demo...

With Ming and Verlyn

With Trey Wong

That day was really WARM!!! I was melting like crazy~(lolx)

Group pics..

Just outside Tangs, there is this Guerlain's booth...  Get a lips consultation by their BA to receive a free Guerlain wristband(No purchase is require.)


Disclaimer: Was invited to the event thru Verlyn(thanks) thru Trey Wong and product was provided by Guerlain.