FORD Supermodel of the World Singapore, Media Event at Spaboutique

Last month(May 20th 2011), was invited to Ford Model Media event held at Spaboutique to experience the behind the scenes of Ford Supermodels international modeling competition at Spaboutique (Well, just an event to meet the 12 Ford Supermodel finalists and get to know the sponsoring brands).

Spaboutique is located at Nassim Road (somewhere around Orchard Forum).... and I went with Ming(miwitch) and Verlyn Hanru(luvverlyn).

Saw quite afew familiar faces...

Before they start touring/showcasing the products... we got to roam around freely(well, it's not a huge area... but there's foods and drinks. I only try the drink- pretty refreshing!

The refreshing soda is 28 Black- the first naturel energy drink.

28BLACK is the first drink of its kind in the global market. It tastes great even without the controversial amino sulfonic acid taurine, inositol or other artificial flavorings. It has a fruity taste of the acai berry.

Bikinis from BOSSA NOVA

No real model is wearing the bikini at the event~ lolx

Beaute Claire ... The skin cleanser detox pretty interesting!

There a small pool at the side...

...which made us look blue... lolx...   the pool didn't cool me down at all...

Beside the pool...

10 finalists...

We got to tour around the Spaboutique, Singapore’s only integrated spa and wellness sanctuary set in a beautiful historical black and white bungalow in a cul-de-sac.

Has a greeny view...

Speakers of the day...

First up - makeup demo on 4 natural looks achieved by their make artist(Sunita Pong) with Freshkon Mosaic lenses.

Ford Models personal trainer, explaining how he helps the models to get in shape.. nice tips (but mostly, heard before during schooling time at PE classes)

Like: having more small meals(bite) every 2 to 3 hrs instead of huge meal 3 times per days... the reasons of having small meals was to keep our metabolism rate high at all time(keeping it high means it will help in burning our fats, I think (lolx)) ... but hor, I read that increased metabolic rate may lead to earlier organ damage.(so have to keep it balance?!?!?!?! Not sure whether it true anot! lolx.. need to google it!)

Next: Speaker from Beaute Claire (USA)... introducing their 3 products..
1) Beauté Claire Skin Cleanser Detox (Spray-mist type)
2) Beauté Claire Derma Matrice Sérum Revolutionary Anti-Wrinkle Formula
3) Beauté Claire Derma Beauté Anti-Wrinkle Capsule

I was very interested in the Beauté Claire Skin Cleanser Detox! This is so natural that you can eat it(spray in your mouth).
From the website:
Beauté Claire Skin Cleanser Detox with Biocence™ works by destroying P. acnes, the actual bacteria that causes the acne condition, within 30 seconds, safely without harming your healthy skin cells.

Biocence™ acts as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent, reducing the number of comedones, or blocked pores. Because Beauté Claire is extremely gentle, it can be used as a cleanser on a daily basis to help give you the clear, glowing skin that you’ve always wanted.
On a side note::: I did try to spray this into my mouth when I had infection on my throat(I have ulcer inside my throat and my neck was swollen!!) It's bitter, and the feeling was too weird.. but I do feel that it help to "cut" off the phlegm that sticking on my throat's wall.. (funny and weird feeling.. lolx)
Beauté Claire Derma Matrice Sérum Revolutionary Anti-Wrinkle Formula and Beaute Claire SkinCleanser Detox each cost USD$50... now they are having a promotion package where you get both for US$80.
Learn more about the products thru their website :
After the event.... we all took home a goodies bag...

After the event, went shopping/Dinner/Coffee with Ming and I dont have Verlyn pic in my camera :(

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