Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette

Awhile back, my younger sister went to Taiwan for her wedding photoshoot... and she came home with gifts for everyone, and I got this ^__^ (I didn't ask her to CP anything for me knowing that she would be clueless on brands and types of stuff that I want! lolx) But I'm surprised that she got me this! (She got it at DFS)

Below are afew pics of the palette taken with various lighting around the room.
Indoor- without flash

Near the window - without flash

Indoor flash..

Swatches... [swatches were done without any primer/base.]
Indoor with flash

Daylight- near the window- without flash

Daylight- with force flash

The indigo blue, plum and black... are matte with glitters finishing - feels abit chalky. I still haven't try this on my lids yet!

Rest of my gift...

These 2 packs were candies! (I saw the owner being interviewed on Taiwanese show acouple years back... and I clearly remembered that they mentioned that their products not only look cute/ kinky and they taste good too! (Well, I like the marshmallow(pink pack)... the chocolate one taste pretty normal! lolx)

My sis knew my love for "Owl" (This coin purse is too cute la!!!)

And this is a charm.... a "LOVE" charm (lolx)

That's all ^_^