Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse and Jelly Water Base

Received a surprised Parcel from Kao Sg in May 2011... and I have been trying it out for about a month now.

From the release:
In March 2011 - Biore, the No.1 Sunscreen in Japan has added 2 new sunscreens to it existing UV milk range.

Biore Aqua Rich UV sunscreen range offer superior UV Protection with no sticky feeling on the skin. Biore Aqua Rich UV sunscreens have a water-based formula that allows it to spread easily on the skin and be instantly absorbed. They are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and citrus essence to hydrate and soften skin.

Price: SD$18.90 (33g) (Available in all leading Pharmacies)

The swatches/texture of the mousse...

It look lika a "soild" mousse!
Just spreading out without blending it into the skin...

The mousse look white.. but after blending it into the skin... the aqua mirco capsule (notice some tiny dots of beads in the mousse?) with UV block ingredient will break and releases moisture into the skin.

It blended nicely into the skin leaving a smooth silky finishing.
- Doesn't leave any white cast.
- Not sticky or oily.
[Do note that it will flake if your moisturizer is "Gel base" or using any "gel" type of makeup base/primer]

When blending the mousse into the skin, it feel watery, pretty cooling(refreshing) and moisturizing... I have tried this mousse with various liquid foundations and it doesn't effect the texture/finishing of the liquid foundation. (Oil control- all depend on the liquid foundation)
It does feel abit dry around the ontop of my lips (cos that the most drier skin on my whole face and the alcohol in this products doesn't help much in hydrating that area)
(Note: I normally won't release much sebum when using a high moisturizing base/sunblock or moisturizer - and that's is why I love anti-aging foundaiton or bbcream because of it moisturizing factor.)

Price: SD$18.90 (90ML) (Available in all leading Pharmacies)

Product Features:
- Provides long lasting UV protection against harmful UV rays
- Water-based texture feels light and comfortable on skin
- Spreads easily and instantly absorbed
- Enriched with Hyaluronic acid and citrus essence to keep skin hydrated and healthy
- Mild fresh fruity fragrance
- Suitable for face

Swatches/texture of the Jelly...

The texture of this Jelly, feel more like a gel cream moisturizer... it was really watery!

Blend and absorb very well into the skin, without feeling sticky, oily or any white cast on the skin. (Doesn't have the wet type of feeling like normal lotion)

It simply don't feel like a sunscreen at all!! More like a moisturizer! Sometimes, when I'm feeling lazy... I skip my moisturizer and use this instead. This does flake if applied too thick. (Note:: I normally apply thick layer(s) of sunscreen.. but sometimes.. I overshot!(lolx))

Same as the Mousse water base.. this sunblock does not effect the result of various liquid foundation(I have used)... but because of the watery texture.. I feel that the sunscreening power might be easily wipe off when applying foundation or wear off as compare to the mousse.(It just a feeling)

For those who don't like the texture of a normal sunscreen, can give this a try because it feel like a moisturizer(lolx) and this can be use on the body too.

So far, I don't experiences any discomfort or skin darkening when using both products. (Sometimes, I felt that this products was abit drying on my face as compare to the body... anyway,this is just an average moisturizing sunscreen, it's more those intense hydrating products)

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