Avène Eluage Anti-aging for sensitive skin

Days ago, I wanna introduce my mum to La Roche Posay. I've tried some of their products before and it feels good, so I believe my mum will love it too!

Oh well, one thing lead to another.. my mum was very interested in Avène Eluage (mainly due to fact the SA know how to convince my mum...) hahaha.. anyway, I did ask her to try out the texture and others brands before deciding which to get.

But I was careless not to NOTICE that this is an "evening/night" use moisturizer/treatment!!!!! (*slap forehead*  Why?!?!?!?! I'm going to pop down the store to get a day moisturizer for her...)

The set of the Avène Eluage Anti-ageing(for sensitive skin) consists of
1) Eluage Cream
2) and Eluage Concentrate Gel(acts as a filler to fill up deep wrinkle
3) 4 samples - mostly hair products!

Price: SD$91.70

Sound really good right?

I remember the SA mentioned that the cream itself cost $90+ (the concentrated gel is free for this promotion pack)

Ingredients list..

Personally, I would not have consider getting the Avène set (I donno, it's just don't feel that awesome to me). mum say it feel nice when she swatch/trying out the texture at the back of her hand.. and have been using it on her face for 2 nights straight! Anyway, what she like is more important(right?).

I also got the Avène Thermal Spring water (soothing and anti-irritating)..
2 huge bottles(300ml each) for SD$29.90
One for my mum to use it as pre-moisturizer toner/lotion(whatever they call it) and one for me (I love to try anything that was meant for "soothing")

Next... makeup item would be mine :)

KATE brow's mascara in a reddish coppery shade in LB-1.. I have the lightest golden shade LB-2 (I love it, so it a good time to try the other shade since my hair color are in a more coppery shade)
Price: SD$14.90

OK.. Let's compare...


Now... I need a brow pencil, I'm thinking about Shu Uemura or MAC ^__^