Welcome to the Magnum Pleasure Palace

Attended a exclusive Magnum event last night at Mandarin Orchard Presidential Suite for the launch of the Magnum Double Caramel.

Trying out the ice-cream!! It was sweet, really really sweet, and the chocalate coat kinda balance out abit of the "OH MY GOSH" sweetness from the Caramel. It's really yummy, but too much sweet made my throat funny, lolx... next time, going to share this with my sister, she love caramel!!

After 2 bites(I wanna show the thick coat of Caramel in between the chocalate and vanilla...  "FAIL"! lolx
It should look somethings like this(look at the pic below)

With Iris, Kas and Sara... enjoying a night filled with sweet sweet magnum.

Took this pic from Kas ^__^

Sweet stuff....

DJ booth was coated with "fake" chocalate bars...

And the spin/turn table...

Everythings in the suite were sweet... (The bedroom was filled with chocalate scent...)

The bathroom... "sweet" hunky sexy dude!!!! (Check out his abs!) ice-cream for our eyes!!

Lolx at good sport Anita!

Now my iphone look like a chocalate bar! lolx

Have you all check out the The Magnum Pleasure Suite Contest @ Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road. The contest ends on 5th June 2011. Just count the number of anything double in the suite and stand a chance to win a trip to Bangkok, Hongkong, Mandarin Gallery Shopping vouchers to Magnum's gifts.

Check out the contest details @ Magnum facebook page

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Magnum.
Thanks Sinkid/Magnum for the invitation!