Sunday, May 22, 2011

Illamasqua, Wet n Wild, Sleek, Stage and Vichy

Got these 3 blushes thru online sprees(Sleek from Joanna - Wet & Wild from Michelle and the illamasqua blush from ASOS(thru Veryln, she's ordering so I just tag along)
illamasqua Tremble

The swatches I saw online look very similar to MAC instant Chi...

(Left: MAC instant Chi and Right: Tremble) Tremble look more brighter and more pink.

Sleek Pan-Tao blush

Well, when Pan-tao just came out, I personally thought that it look alot like Barry M Apricot! But I was wrong! Pan-tao was more orange and bright.. where Apricot was more towards redish orange... both look neon, but look so pretty on the cheeks!


Next is Wet n Wild (831E) Pearlescent Pink

This is not a matte blush.. it does have some shimmers.
I got 2 nail polish remover from Stage (2 for SD$5) and backup wisewoman eyecream from The bodyshop

After the Vichy Workshop last Thursday... I was pretty interested to try out the night cream-gel and the essence(Sophia said it was nice) and I can't stop thinking about it (lolx), so without trying any products from Vichy(they provide us 3 products.. I will talk more about it in another entry).. I just get it when I saw the 20% discount at Guardian (sadly the 20% doesn't apply on the new night cream gel)

Vichy Normaderm Night Anti-imperfection + rejuvenating care (cream gel texture) SD$29.90(no discount)

Vichy Normaderm Fefine Total pore resurfacing essence (Price: SD$49.90 before 20% discount)
I tried the essence first (I'm slowly changing my hydrating skincare routine...) and it feel amazing on the skin plus it work really well with Clinique Moisture Surge!!! (Making my face feel extra velvety smooth once everythings absorbed!)

This is my first time trying Vichy.. I hope it will do wonder on my skin (keeping my fingers crossed!)