Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holika Holika Buy 1 get 1 BOGO promotion!

On Sunday before the Guerlain's party... Check out Holika Holika, they are having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion (it ends on 31 May 2011 -which is today!)

Didn't plan to get anything, until I swatched this...
"Magic Palette Painting Blusher" (Retail Price : SD$37.50)

So share this with Verlyn (well.. we both got the same stuff,,, kekeke the only different was the nail polish shade!!)

Swatches... (Don't need that much for a single use!!!!)

Slightly blended out

Taken both(above and below) pics without flash (The one below.. I use tissue to dap off the excess cream)

The one below was taken with flash...

The cream blushes were really creamy and pigmented...  it does feel abit greasy... but it blended out nice and smooth.

Wonder Drawing Gel eyeliner (Retail Price: SD$20)

I got the Number 4 (Teal shade) Loving the intense pigmentation!!(Can't wait to try it)

Yellow nail polish (swatches coming soon) Retail Price: SD$5.00

How can I not get the jumbo size blending brush... it feels soft and the price was pretty cheap(even cheaper with BOGO!!)
Retail price: SD$9.90

Also collected the Wet N Wild Palette from Michelle

I didn't swatch this.. let me know(thru email/comments) if you want me to swatch it(lolx.. I was being lazy... kekekeke)

Oh... last month, I also got 3 of the promotion brushes from 7Bella (MakeUpShow) during their one day sale. SD$3.80 each for these 3 eye's brushes.

Something somethings: John Little Singapore is having 20% discount for card members ... a good time to stock up SANA Soy lotion/Kose Cleansing oil.