Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ginvera NEW Aqua Whitening Cream and Green Tea nude cover BBcream SPF30 PA++

This is just an information entry(review on seperate entry)
Ginvera Introducing their two new additions to the Green Tea Family! The Aqua Whitening Cream(with oil control) and the Green Tea nude BBcream with SPF30 PA++

The shade was abit dark on me.. and the coverage was surprisingly good.
(LOTD using the bbcream + mini review  ->> Click Here <<- )


Blended out.. but still look dark on me(it look the face on the back of my hand and my face)

The cream was kinda thick...

Even though the cream look and feel thick, after blending it out and absorbed.. it doesn't have the "wet" type of finishing. It look/feel matte on the back of my hand.

(Note:: I have not try this on my face and the finishing/texture might feel differently when apply on the face too.)

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Disclaimer: Both products were provided by TheSampleStore/Ginvera for reviewing.