Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ginvera Green Tea nude cover BBcream (review)

I have been using the Ginvera Green Tea nude cover bbcream for about a week now.
I love the texture and coverage, but not the shade, it gave me a 2 shades darker nude skin finishing(lolx). Since the shade were abit dark on me, I don't see any brightening effect on my face! lolx

I hope in future they will release a lightest shade for fairer skintone.
My bare face with just Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery mousse(water base - SPF 50 PA+++) sunblock. This sunblock gave a dry finishing texture(doesn't feel sticky or wet at all!) (review coming up soon.)

I have some redness on both of my cheeks and chin. (after applying bbcream, the redness was reduced)

Can see that the bbcream made my face look abit warm(I feel weird in this shade.. lolx)
The bbcream was kinda watery, but surprising the coverage was pretty good (buildable coverage), texture was pretty light and easy to blend out. The oil control was pretty decent too. My face doesn't look or feel like a grease ball after afew hours of wearing. The bbcream last quite well too.. I still look fresh after 4-5hrs.

The only con was that it's too dark!!!!

So I set my face with "brightening effect" loose powder(it have tiny shimmer with white pearly finishing). I'm using L'egere Aqua and shinny pearl bbpowder. On my Cheek I'm using Sleek Pan Tao (a tamed version of Barry M apricot blush)

Kate gel shadow all over my lids and blended out ( just want a wash of color on my lids... so didn't use much products)
K-palette 24Hrs(Waterproof) liquid liner and blend it out with Star Makeup Haven Cashmere(eyeshadow)
Anna Sui Dolly Girl Full mascara
(Products in blue font were provided by the company)

Close up on the lashes...

I really like the volume effect of the Anna Sui Mascara in Full... I just hope that the holding power for the curl to be much better(cos after an hour or so, my lashes will weigh down)

(Note: I always curl my lashes with eyelash's curler before applying mascara... but this mascara fail to hold up my stubborn asian lashes!)

Well, I still love using this, cos it smudge proof and easy to remove! (I just have to bring my curler out and curl it everytimes I went to the restroom or so- lolx)

Disclaimer: Ginvera Green Tea nude cover bbcream was provided, I'm not affiliated with the company and all review was base on my personal experiences.