Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sleek Divine Bad Girl and Paraguaya Palettes [swatches]

When Iris ask me whether I wanted anything from the latest Sleek Avoir La Pêche collection.. I replyed without any hesitation(lolx), and also add in the badgirl palette :)

(Edit: add in the blush "Pan Tao"(which I got it separately after hearing Ming rave about how pretty the color was) from the Avoir la peche collection)

Sleek Avoir la peche collection: Paraguaya Palette and Pan Tao blush

Sleek divine Paraguaya palette...
I love the orange, peachy tones of this palette! Those matte shades can totally pull off as blushes ->> Tangelo, Redstone and especially cameo and persimmon <3


[above pic taken with flash][below pic taken without flash]

Sleek Pan Tao blush (swatches werre copied over from "this" entry for easy references)

Well, when Pan-tao just came out, I personally thought that it look alot like Barry M Apricot! But I was wrong! Pan-tao was more orange and bright.. where Apricot was more towards redish orange... both look neon, but look so pretty on the cheeks!

Sleek divine Bad Girl palette


[above pic taken with flash] [below pic taken without flash]

OMy, this palette have pretty intense shades!!! Intoxicated, envy, obnoxious,abyss and twilight (especially twilight) are super pretty!! I can't wait to play with all these colors!!!!!!