Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Prep + Prime Vibrancy-Eye

Was checking out MAC with Sophia and Sara the other day and I was hoping that they have the Prep+Primer Vibrancy Eye.
Previously, Kevin Lao Shi was talking about Prep+Prime on Woman( 女人我最大) and i'm just a sucker for anything that can soothe, even out fine lines and reduces dark circle!!!!
From MAC website (Price: SD$58)

Apply after your sunblock and makeup bases before concealer/foundation. It will help concealer apply smoothly on the skin around the under eyes, last longer and prevent it becoming dry and patches. (I hope it will work as it said!)

Ingredients list...

This contain caffeine, so it will soothe and reduce puffy eyes and silica will fill in on the fine lines and smooth out the surface with oil control factor. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract fight free radical and improving blood circulation(which means helps in reducing dark circles). Sodium hyaluronate means moisturizing!

It have tiny shimmers(but it doesn't show much on the skin unless you look super closely or with a magnifying glass(lolx)

When blended out.. (the skin feel really smooth.. kinda like silicon base)

I'm pretty interesting in their Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast (SD$40)

Watched the whole episode of the Woman(女人我最大) on Youtube ( (Sadly no subtitles). This ep they talk about "brightening look".