Friday, April 01, 2011

LOTD using ZA True White Instant Brightener and Two-Way Foundation

I received this set of products 2 weeks ago and (Click click) for more infos on the products. So here I am doing a entry on how I feel about these 2 products.

Below is a pic of my un-glam bare face(after skincare products and sunblock lotion)
Uneven complexion and some redish post acne mark scarring on both of my outer cheeks!!!!

[below]Now, half face with the NEW Za True White Instant Brightener
Let see the texture of the brightener again...

Can see instant brighten and even up my complexion, and a;so made my face look  radiant(ME LOVE it... I love radiant and dewy finishing).
You can mix the Instant Brightener into you liquid foundation to perk up your complextion or lighten you darker foundation shade. It also can be use as highlighter (apply after foundation, before setting powder)
Have been using this for awhile now and this doesn't cause any breakout on me nor have any different oil control factor(which means this brightener have average oil control)

The Two-Way foundation gave a semi matte finishing, oil control wise was pretty ok, I find that it work better with a moisturizing makeup base/sunblock.(it may vary on different skin type).
The foundation feel really smooth on the face and apply evenly on the skin.

The texture/feel wise of the foundation wasn't as finely milled like pressed powder... but because of that, the coverage was GOOD! Smooth the fine lines on my forehead, reduce redness and mimimizes pores. Doesn't clogged my pores or become cakey after afew hours of wearing it.

[Below] Taken without flash...

Other products I used on my face...

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Brightening UV Protector SPF 50
ZA True White Instant Brightening
ZA True White Plus Two Way foundation

MAC WonderWoman MSF.. using the lighter shade as highlighter
Anna Sui Blush powder(Products hightlight in blue font are provided by the company for reviewing)

Urban Decay Primer Potion as Base
Inuovi D27 eyeshadow in MOSS on the whole lids and "blend blend blend"
(My red house) MUA Antique White Mineral Matte shadow as brow's highlight(or use any skintone eyeshadow/foundation)
Heavy Rotation Black Gel liner as liners
Maquillage Gold Gel liner on waterlines
MAC Wonder Woman mascara "blue color"

P/S: Hmm... I can't find the close up(close eyes) shot of this LOTD.. I wonder is it I accidently deleted it off my camera before upload to my comp :( Well.. this entry was all about the foundation and Instant brightener Right? (self-consoling, lolx)