Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leonard Drake NEW UltraCalming Facial

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to try out Leonard Drake New Ultra Calming Facial treatments using the Dermalogica's Ultra Calming products which target for sensitive skin!

I have my facial treatment at the West Coast Plaza Outlet. (Level 3)

More about the UltraCalming Products:::

Leonard Drake NEW UltraCalming Treatments

My experience::
I never tried any Dermalogica products before, but I heard alot of great reviews and can't wait to try it out!
I was pretty excited when I read about the UltraCalming treatments + products. Because, I love anything that was hydrating, soothing, calming and was meant for sensitive skin! (Can never go wrong with these kind of products, I means for me la, lolx)
Before the facial, they gave me a form to fill in on my personal information, skin type and ects. Then they did a skin check using UV lights(correct me if I'm wrong).. different UV lights reflect on the skin means different problems on pigmentation, clogged pores, sebum and dehydrate.
OK, I have.... (It like nothing I didn't know already):::
-> Dry forehead (I totally didn't know about this except having fine lines on the forehead)
-> White/black heads on my nose and chin
-> Pigmentation on both of my cheeks (due to acne marks)
(Yeah, I have no more dry cheeks!!! Well, I guess I focus too much on my cheeks that I totally forgot about my forehead!)
After the short consultation, we start the "Advanced UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial" The whole duration was so relaxing and time just flew by.. even during the extraction, the pains were bareable!
During the facial, she use 2 interesting gadgets, not sure about the actual names... so, I just try to explain what I think it would be(lolx).
After cleansing my face/face steaming/mist/massage/extraction.. she applied a thick gel all over my skin and use a cold press gadget to press/smooth it around my face.. it was really cold, but super soothing(I like)!!! This action will shrink my pores, drop my skin temperature to prevent future acne's breakout.

The other gadgets(I didn't see clearly what it was, but it look like a long tube) have a sound of electric currents(sound very painful), but it just feel like a cloth, lightly moving around my face in circular motion.(Googled: It's called microcurrent facials)

At one point where the thingy pass by one of my eye, I do feel abit of electric on the lid(shock me abit, hahaha). Totally have no clue what this will do to my skin, maybe for speeding up my healing process? Make skin tighter?? Active Cell turnover?

Microcurrent facial: 
(It kinda like what I have thought! lolx) Stimulate muscles in the face to eliminate wrinkles, which also help speed up healing process. In response to these electrical impulses, the body will produce more ATP and collagen, while growing more connective tissue cells. And all these will make the skin fuller and more resilient to drying and cracking.(source)

After all the gadgets treatment, she apply a thick warm masque on my face and let me rest for awhile. Not sure how long, but it feel really nice and relaxing, I doze off abit..... after removing the masque, follow by face mist, serum, barrier repair and I was DONE.

When I look into the mirror, my face look moist, fresh and it look kinda glowy and no redness at all! The best was that my skin feel so smooth and supple. And the skin remain supple and smooth for a whole week (I can't stop touching my cheeks when I was in the shower!!)

To be frankly, SD$200 for a session was a bit expensive!  But, if my skin was suffering from stress and crazy breakout.. I think I'll go for it!!

Even though, I'm not a big fan on facial, but I'm crazy about skincare's products!!! Very interested in trying out the UltraCalming products, I might get them once I finished up all my skincares!

Disclaimer: Facial treament were provided by Leonard Drake.