Saturday, April 02, 2011

Etude House Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent

Back in December 2010, I got this Etude House Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent at our local Etude House.

Etude Minisize U Pore Refresh Astringent, 490ml (Toner, come with 30 pcs cotton pads)
(Price:: SD$29.90)

Aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented Rice Wine sediment to nourish while tightening pores. Pore Tightening Astrigent removes embedded residues with moisturising and cooling properties. 

Active ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Xylitol

This is a pre-toner lotion, double cleanse your skin and lightly tighten the pores.

The smell was pretty strong and it does sting my eyes abit (feel kinda smokey, lolx)
BUT when I wipe it near my eyes(not on my under eye areas) it doesn't feel strong, drying or stinging the skin(not strong like using a high concentrated alcohol toner)

This was formulated with Rice Wine so it's explained the strong smell???
This astringent feel really refreshing on the skin.. I soak a cotton pad wet with the lotion and lightly wipe it around my face first before concentrating on areas around my nose(areas that have huge pores) by patting it. I like to mask the areas with huge pores with the cotton pad and it does minimize my pores abit.

After that, follow by my normal toner or Mini Size U Pore Powder Toner (Which I planned to try next.)

I find that toner absorb much faster when I used Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent before my normal toner lotion. Love it <3

This huge bottle can last me around 3 months of everyday use (I only use this once per day)

Let's compare the size.... huge right(lolx)