Thursday, March 24, 2011

ZA True White Plus For Pearly Bright Skin

Za Cosmetics NEW improved and reformulated True White Plus.

With this new range.. Za also proud to unveil their latest brand ambassador - Davika Hoorne(Born in 1992 May 16th) 18 year old actress/model born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand

Let see.. what I will be reviewing soon...

I already tried the 2-way foundation few weeks ago but in shade #21(which is abit warmer then my complexion) so I request for Shade #20(this match my skin tone much better).

OK, Let's start with  Za True White Plus Instant Brightener. Pretty excited about this! LOVE anything that can make my skin look dewy or brighten up(not that I needed it.. lolx.. but with extra "help" will make my complexion look more fresh thru-out the day in our humid weather)!

(Click for bigger size)

swatches (Left: Without flash/Right with flash)

Slightly blended out.. (Left: With flash/Right Without flash)

Blended out.. the brightener still can make me look even fairer and brighter! (The pinkish tone doesn't enhance my pinkish cheeks at all.. it's just make my uneven complexion look more radiance and dewy~)
(Without flash)

(With flash)

On the face...


True White Plus 2-Way foundation

Ingredients list

This(below pic) is the sample of the Za True White Plus Foundation in shade 21

Za True White Plus 2-way Foundation already launched (March 2011) The case and foundation sold separately
Case: Price SD$9.90
Refill: Price SD$20.50 

Za True White Plus Instant Brightener Launch in April 2011
Price: SD$15.90

LOTD/Review of this foundation + Instant Brighter would be up soon. (I wanna combine 2 set of LOTD together)

(P/S:I think most of you already got use to my lazy blogging style right??
->>> "taking pics" off the release! Save time on typing it out... lolx (I know I know.. it's all excuses) Well,  I just find that it explained much better then me trying to put it into my own words :b )

(PP/S : I will be abit slow in updating recently cos I caught some virus few days ago - which seem to be more heat up at night with non-stop coughing. Sian... I now have toad voice -_-" )
Review + LOTD (Click Click)

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