Monday, March 14, 2011

The canmake cream blush in PINK (swatches)

Recently my love for creamy stuff have extended to cream blushes... I do own afew cream blushes/highlight/bronzer, but wasn't too crazy about it until recently... where I wanna a glow from within type of pinky cheeks.
So, I reached for my cream blushes.. which is a coral shade (MAC Joie-De-Vivre - swatches) or a more brownish red(TOPSHOP Nutmeg - swatches)... but they're not the shade that I have in mind (lolx).... then I remember Canmake just released a new limited matte pink shade(#09 -which I didn't get it when it just came out in dec 2010).. POP by all the watsons that I passes by and I can't find it :(
So I got the Canmake cream blush in #08 (a pale cool tone pink with shimmers) instead. The shimmers wasn't that crazy when applied on the cheeks.
Anyway, my point of this entry was.........I found Canmake cream blush in #09 at ION Watsons!! (Fresh stocks coming in!! Hooray~) what best was that Canmake at Watsons is having 20% off!! ^__^ and according to Ming(, she saw some at PS's John Little(but no discount).

Let compare the #08 and #09 cream blushes....

Swatches from various lighting.....

Close up swatch on #08 (see the shimmers)

Close up swatch of the #09

Blended out...

When putting side by side.. I kinda like #08(pale pink) much better then #09(matte).... do note that the #08 is really pale, don't think it will show up pink on darker skin tone ... it might look abit  pale, BUT.. guess it can work well as cheeks highlight(?!?!)
I really liking these cream blushes, way better then the TOPSHOP one! Because it feel abit oily on my skin. Anyway, I  feel like getting the Canmake orange one.. shade #04?!?!  (correct me if I'm wrong).