Monday, March 28, 2011

Shu uemura Sakuru Collection by Mika Ninagawa (LE)

One of the Tuesday in February, meet up with the lovely peoples from Shu uemura (Singapore)Sinkids.. and also the usual beautiful beauty bloggers (Sophia, Kas, Tracy and Sara) at JAMS, ION Orchard (located inside Prologue at Level 4)


I didn't take much pics that day, donno why... I guess having too much fun chitchatting, eating, drinking(milkshades - YUM) and trying to capture the true colors of the "rouge unlimited supreme shine" lipsticks. (lolx)

Anyway, this lovely meet up was to introduce the new LE Spring collection from Shu uemura. The Sakuru Collection by Mika Ninagawa.  

The collection already launched in Singapore on 25 March 2011 exclusively at Takashimaya and island wide on 1st April 2011.
From the media release::
Shu uemura
celebrates the one-year anniversary of it wildly popular and innovative UV under base mousse by reuniting with Mika Ninagawa for a collaboration on special packaging and exclusive film for the spring collection.
(The 4 images that you see on the Sakura collection packaging)

The sakura collection adorns with vivid floral images from Mika Ninagawa, Japan's most popular photographer( Mika's images evoke a sense of kawaii cuteness, but with a depth and complexity that hints at a danger hidden within the beauty of her subjects.)

Personally I love the vivid bold and crashing colors in her images, even though it super bright and colorful.. there's always a hint of sweetness in her pics <3 (Click to see some of her works)

The UV under base mousse sakura collection by Mika Ninagawa.

This Special-edition UV under base mousse delivers exquisite coverage in one airy drop in three exclusive shades to suit different complexions. The Multiple package designs by Mika Ninagawa offer different mood to suit every woman.

UV under base mousse come in 3 shades

Pink, Beige and BB beige(limited shade) Price: SD$78 (65g)

The beige and pink mousse is the same from their original collection released last year.. only the packaging is changed.

From the media release:
The next generation of Shu Uemura's legendary product - UV under base mousse(SPF 30 PA+++) is empowered with "silcoat" smoothing technology which is diffused ino the patent pending liquid foaming stabilizer to maintain the ideal balance between the water and gas phase. By protecting light gas bubbles from breakage, the mousse holds more powder while retaining its exquisite form and incredibly light and soft texture.

"Silcoat" smoothing technology also allows the mousse to retain more UV filters, providing amazing SPF protecting. Like a sheer veil, the UV under base mousse offers higher UV protection, and excels in covering flaws while fitting to skin with spectacular comfort. The UV under base also included innovative ingredients "aquatoril, hyaluronic acid and betaine for the moisture feels.
The UV under base is 20times lighter(compared to Shu uemura's liquid/cream makeup base) and give you "pore-less" complexion.

Here come the swatchesPink UV under base...

The mousse was so light... it feel kinda watery(without the super wet dripping kinda watery) (Note: this is just for swatching.. cos I don't put that much on a small area on the face)

I wipe off some of the mousse and blend it nicely and evenly on the back of my hand...
Beige UV under base...

BB beige (bbcream) Limited Edition Shade

Spreading out.. The bb beige is alot thicker compare to the UV under base. And it dry/absorbed very fast to a semi dewy finishing.

This is by far the most light texture bbcream I've ever tried.. don't get fool by it lightweight, this still gave coverage!!!!(Will do a LOTD using this bb beige soon)
Powder Foundation case. ((Price: SD$25))
A new-edition compact case welcomes the coming season adorned with Mika's sweet and playful spring floral delights. (Pressed foundation not included)

Sakura Rouge unlimited - Price SD$39 - was formulated with a new generation sakura hybrid pigment.

Coming in 5 shades ::  PK341, PK356, PK332, PK339 & BG932

Swatches... from various lighting
(Nature lighting - No flash)

(With flash)

On paper.. (With flash)

(Nature lighting without flash)

Swatches on my lips :B (both lip swatches were taken in nature lighting without flash)

Bg 932.. this lipcolor have a pretty pale gold sheen
(excuse my dry lips- cough and super blocked nose = painful dry lips =_=")


The 2 new edition shades in SS PK307 and SS PK314 for Rouge unlimited supreme shine.
Price - SD$40

Rich dewy shine in 2 breathtaking sakura colors for the Sakura collection.
Rouge unlimited supreme shine amplifies color and magnifies shine for a deep moisture feeling that glides over lips like dew.

(Below) These 2 was not the new shades... the white shade is one of the 3 artists shades in the Supreme shine collection. (Artist shades can be layer on or apply before a lip color to create your own shade)

Here are some more promo's pics..

Sakura limited-edition candy tin. (Not for sale)

Check out their website for wallpaper, more infos and watch the video clip (click click)

facebook page (click click)