Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Melliesh, Maybelline, Dollywink, b.liv and random stuff (Haul)

Just some small random hauling due to the John Little 20% storewide discount( and some selected brands at 30%)  + A must buy item at Guardian(which sadly don't have any discount on it!).
Let's start with the 3 item I got from John Little... SANA Namerakahonpo moisture skin lotion(concentrated "濃" version) [Price: SD$19.90(before 20% discount].. not going to take a solo pic of this item as I mentioned it afew times in my blog. If you are new.. click ->> here <<- to read the review ^__^
Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Liquid Foundation [Price: SD$26.90 before 30% discount] I have been wanting to try this.. and I do like it after using it for it for 3days.

Melliesh Blush in shade 02 (Verlyn talked me into getting it! lolx.. I never heard about this brand until she told me!) [Price: SD$24.90 before 20% off]

This come in 4 blush shade, a bronzer and a highlight shade (At John Little, they don't have any testers) I got the sweet pale pink based on online swatches Verlyn googled(lolx)  Now I'm thinking whether to get the coral one!

swatches.. from various lighting...
(Left to right: Indoor flash and without flash)

(Left to right: Daylight flash and without flash)

I got B.liv Off with those heads serum at Guardian [Price: SD$69.95 sadly no discount on this brand]. This is my HG product!
I love how it keep my strawberry nose and chin clean!!! When I finished the bottle in Jan and for a period of 6 to 7 weeks for not using it(I did try afew "blackhead" related products from various brands and nothing come close to "B.liv"!!!) my nose and chin start to have white heads and it abit clogged! (Eeek!!! Now I know how much I rely on this product!)
A bottle of 30ml can last me about 3 months plus(I use it twice a day and apply almost the whole face.. cheeks, nose and chin) And I do notice that even when I'm not using it for afew days, my nose still feel smooth and white heads free.
So I suggest for first time user, you can use it everyday until the nose feel clean and smooth. Then start to reduce the usage to like 3-4 times a week.  
Review  ->> Click here <<-

Dollywink cream shadow in silver [Price: SD$19.90 @ Watsons]

Swatches from various lighting...
Left to right: Day light flash and a blur shot without flash(look how pretty the glitters)

Left to right daylight without flash (near window, inside the room with dim lighting)

Carmex lipbalm from Michelle's drugstore spree...

Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic blush. Got this at sgbeauty @ SD$10.

Maison Boo: Baby Boo Organic Calming Lavender Lotion (SD$13.95). Product is free from SLS, parabens and SLES.


I saw this lotion when I was picking up babywipes at NTUC and they have body wash too!

Check out their website:
That's all... not a big hauling huh! lolx