Monday, March 21, 2011

LOTD: Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral and Anna Sui Dolly Girl Full mascara


Recently I got the Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation during the 30% promotion at John Little. I got the P01 instead of B01 (I find that both swatch well on my skin.. but I choose the pinkish tone one.. cos it's more brighter.


The foundation swatch (with and without flash)

(Both pics are taken indoor with or without flash)

Blended out..

My half face..  (Click for bigger pic) The pink in the foundation wasn't that strong.. but it does even out my pinkish cheeks and uneven complexion.

(Excuse my messy brows.... :b)

Am using the Anna Sui Dolly Girl Mascaras in Full (smudge proof)

Using the blue from the Anna Sui Eye color duo eyeshadow in shade #06 (a pale blue)

Products used..

Nature Republic Alsaka Aqua Sunblock Cream, Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation, Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder and MAC Pink Cult blush.

MAC Bare Study paintpot(as base but still prefer Matte finishing paintpot as base for it lasting and creaseless factor), Anna Sui Eye color duo #06- the light blue shade. Heavy Rotation Black gel liner, Maquillage Gold gel liner on waterline and Anna Sui Dolly Girl Mascaras in Full.
Products highlight in blue are provided by the company for trying out.

The Pale blue shadow was abit washup in the flash pics.. but I love that it have a greyish tint to it.. not so crazy. I have been into "no eyeshadow" mood for the past few weeks(that's explained why I hardly have any LOTD post) lolx.... but no worried, I'm back with "colors" again!

Tiny review on the foundation::The Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation, was pretty light in texture.. coverage is buildable from sheer to medium coverage.

Radiance/dewy finishing that last up to 8hours of wearing.

Good oil control. I also notice that my skin feel smoother after I removed it (it does give good moisturizing factor!)

I didn't notice any shimmers in the foundation, maybe only the darker shades have it? And I love the slightly pinkish tone cos it even out my pinkish cheeks and uneven complexion really well.

My skin look brighter and more radiance. Have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I'm loving it!

I didn't use any primers in this LOTD (I did try it with various primers and it show not much different).

I was wearing this foundation in these few pics..

And a more recent one taken during the LMD spotlight bloggers event (Loving Tsuriki's red hat <3)