Monday, March 07, 2011

Introducing the NEW Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot fragrance and White Glove Extreme Brightening Spot Corrector

Elizabeth Arden launched Prety Hot Fragrancein March 2011 (Singapore) - A fragrance of unmistakable sexy confidence.

The luminous notes of juicy red currant, lust blood orange and mandarin set off sparks. Igniting a daring floralcy, Belle de Nuit explodes like a firework in the night sky.

Red peony, pimento blossom, Petalia and Georgywood give a floral woody depth.

At the back, a smoldering blend of amber, white patchouli, tonka cystals, sandalwood and Cosmone makes the skin exude a sensuous, alluring warmth.

The Pretty Hot bottle is a tinted grenadine colored glass with a white logo and a clear tinted grenadine flower disc at the top.

Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden (Eau de Parum Spray)
Price: SD$115 for 3.3fl.oz/100ml  or SD$95 for 1.7fl.oz/50ml 

Pretty Hot
A little bit naughty
A lot Pretty

Ingredients list...

Pretty Hot is the sexy, and hotter version of the EA Fragrance "Pretty" (Which is lighter and more cheerful)


At the bloggers preview session where Elizabeth introducing the Pretty Hot fragrance & White Glove Extreme Brightening Spot Corrector.

Angline Lim (Regional Training Manager) gave a nice and details intro of Elizabeth Arden NEW products (Pretty Hot fragrance and the Brightening Spot Corrector from the White Glove Extreme).

White Glove Extreme Brightening Spot Corrector (Price SD$88 for 15ml)

(Aiyo... it focus on the background's text! lolx)

Was given a month supple to try it out (In sample size.. easy for us to take it anywhere and anytime we want....)

This product can be apply ontop of makeup(foundation).. but need to layer on with powder form sunblock(eg: 2-way foundation that contain SPF/or EA mineral foundation).

(I will try this out for a month and see whether my stubborn pigmentation/spots will be lighten ... Keep my fingers crossed!)

The kind peep of EA also provide each bloggers with a White Glove Extreme retail size product, I chose Brightening UV protection(I love sunblock and I rave about it before) Check out the review -> click <- 

Review on the whole range of White Glove Extreme skincare's products -> Click <-
Both Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot and White Glove Extreme spot corrector will be exclusively launch at Robinson Centrepoint from 10-16 March 2011.

At the end of the session.... I took afew pics with others bloggers that were invited to the previewing session!

There's afew more bloggers across the room.. like me, they are too busy camwhoring with each others(lolx)

OK, I'm ending this entry with a lovely box of "sweet"!