Friday, March 25, 2011

Experience the future of Skincare with New LMS Spotlight "Launch"

Attended the LMS Spotlight bloggers session last Thursday (17 March 2011) held at Equinox, Level 69.

LMS Spotlights introduction and demonstration by Paul Aylett and Olivia Brafman.

Singapore is the first Asia Country to launch LMS(Love My Skin) spotlights (Beside London) a revolution in spot and acne therapy gadget.

This type of "light therapy" gadget is not a new product in Singapore, we do have a various brands and mostly only available in facial specialist outlets/spas.

And I believe most of you must have heard about Talika (which I blogged about in the past), They do have a various of light therapy, but they don't have any single gadgets that only have "Red" LED. (The only red LED that Talika have was a duo lights gadget - which is a combination of red and blue LED lights). LMS is the first in Singapore to introduce Red Light therapy gadget.

From the media release:: LMS Spotlights are innovative, luxury skin care products that use red light therapy(LED), a natural skin treatment that's clinically proven to help clear spot and mild to moderate acne fast. Red Light Therapy was originally developed for NASA and is a safe for everyday use.

When Skin cells are stressed(Eg: by a spot), nitric oxide builds up. Nitric oxide is naturally present in cells, but when levels increase, it can inhibit the skin's natural ability to heal itself. The red light used in LMS Spotlights penetrates the skin cells to force out nitric oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants to speed up skin cell repair, helping to clear spots and mild to moderate acne, reducing redness and inflammation.

LMS Spotlights start to work from the first application and on average, people can expect spots and mild to moderate acne to heal twice as fast as their skin's natural healing time. LMS Spotlights use technology proven to increase the production of new skin cell by 155%*

The benefits:
Red Light Therapy used totally natural light to help clear spots and mild to moderate acne. The gadget is simple to use and there are no side effect**. Unlike some creams and gels, LMS Spotlights won't dry up the skin, clog pores or have any skin discoloration.

There have been many red light therapy trials which prove that it speeds up the body's natural healing process. LMS Spotlights have medical CE approval for efficacy and safety under the European Medical Device Directive. Red Light Therapy was originally developed for NASA to help speed up the healing process for astronauts and is used by dermatologists and in medical clinics across the world.

LMS Spotlights are made by Harvard Medical Devices Ltd, the UK's leading supplier of electrical healthcare products. LMS Spotlights are designed to specifications and standards set by James Carroll, one of the world's leading experts in red light therapy and a supplier of red light therapy products to therapists to Bristish Olympic Teams, British Armed Forces and Hospitals around the world.

Please take note that:: red light therapy does not kill the acne bacteria (Only Blue light therapy will kill bacteria), it's because LMS believe in healing not killing. So with Red Light Therapy.. it encourages cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and stimulate anti-oxidants. (So it's all depend on our on healing speeds also.)

To use LMS Spotlights, simply hold the button for a couple of seconds to activite the therapeutic red light and hold against the affected area 3 times a day until the spot has gone. All LMS Spotlights are
battery operated, so it can be used any time, anywhere.

LMS Spotlights come in 3 sizes for different skin coverage needs.

LMS spotlight 24 is ideal to use on a larger skin area. (Price SD$199)

LMS Spotlight 8 is ideal to use on a few spots. (Price SD$129)

LMS Spotlight 3 is ideal to use on a single spot. (Price SD$79) Each session of lights is a minutes, but because LMS 3 is smaller and emits less lights.. it should be used for 3 minutes, 3 times a day.

It's all battery operated.

The gadget is easy to clean, just use a damp cloth or alcohol wipe to clean the surface.
OK.. let move on to move pics I took during the event.

Foods! There's alot more then these... but, well... I LOVE to eat! lolx (I think it have about 10 to 15 different dishes)

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LMS spotlights are available exclusively at Guardian Health & Beauty Store from 17 March 2011 onwards

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