Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 CozyCot International Women's Day Event

I went to the 2nd day(Sunday 13th March 2011) of the CozyCot IWD event at Orchard Central. Because I booked 2 shows on that day...Dermalogica © Big is Gorgeous and Lancome Show with Andrea Claire.
I forgot my camera... so just afew pics taken by iphone

 I was there with Verlyn, check out her blog for more pics...

Dermalogica © Big is Gorgeous  (I thought it's about Dermalogica products... But, it's about being big, gorgeous and confidence!)

Lancome Show with Andrea Claire(makeup demo by Andrea using Lancome latest collection)

Performance by eleventh hour

OK.. here's the "goodies bag" from CozyCot

(Full of vouchers that I will never use :( But the Vitamin lemon soda was pretty good!)
Goodies from the shows... Lancome UV Expert sample, mascara sample and Maqui miracle pressed foundation sample.

Slimfit goodies..

Here a pic of me from the event...(Check out my flying toes.. lolx)

On Tuesday, I received a call from cozycot saying that I won somethings, and since I was at ION, I pop by Orchard Central to collect it.  A set of POLA COSMETICS(Base in Australia) : Sakura Veil skincare samples and a retail size Sakura Veil Pora T-Zone Purifying scrub(kinda like "Cure" that type of dry scrub) Price$47(not sure is in AU$ or USD$)