Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Rojukiss Protox : Anti Wrinkles Solution

Rojukiss 3 step anti wrinkles solution

The steps...
The basic step for all type of skincare.
(Cleanse -> tone -> serum/essence -> eye cream/gel -> moisturizer/cream ->(day)sunblock)

If using different range together(moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkles ranges) ..
start with anti-wrinkles, follow by whitening/brightening, and then moisturizing (we can like use up to 3 different types of essence/serum together.. if the skin conditions needed all that.. other wise, keep it simple, especially for sensitive skin.)

What is serum? 
In this range the serum mention here is essence. I do notice that some brands called their lotion as serum.

Why anti-wrinkles first? 
Well that was because... wrinkles normally formed around the inner layer of the skin, pigmentation formed under the skin layer and everyone knows that dryness are always on the skin layer. So we have to treat the problems inside first then move out to the outer layers.
(That's is when we want to use different serum in the skincare routine.. as serum all have the same watery texture)

So.. if you do not use any serum... Just using lotion or cream... if all the texture is the same type, follow the serum steps. If all the lotion/cream have different texture. Always use the lightest, watery texture first then thicker creamy texture.

Normally, I prefer to combine different types of serum/essence(Anti-wrinkle/whitening) in the routine and then use moisturizing lotion/moisturizer to lock all the goodness in the skin and also to keep my skin hydrated!

Received a set of  Anti Wrinkles Solution range products( 3 travel sizes on each -Serum, Day cream, Night cream and Sunblock cream.)

I have been using this set of samples on the month of December 2010
(I kept forgetting to post up this review...)

First up the Rojukiss Protox Serum (For face and around eyes)

***The retail size was the one in the above pic.. the one I got was the sample size(but I got 3 each and it's more then enough to last me for around 5weeks (except Sunblock cream, which last around 3weeks)
I cleanse my face with cleansing foam(I'm using the Nature Republic Farm Rice cleansing foam) and tone it with SANA Namerakahonpo moisture skin lotion before apply the serum all over my face and around the eyes. (I focus more on places that form wrinkles easily)
The texture of the serum.... watery

The serum absorbed really fast and well into the skin, doesnt feel sticky, oily or make my face feel itchy. And it doesn't cause any break-out on my skin and under eyes milia! (Not too rich on my combination skin)

I still use my usual eyecream(The Bodyshop wise woman anti wrinkles eyecream) ontop of the serum and I do notice that my fine lines on my forehead and undereyes are less deep. Fine lines became shorter!!!!!! ^__^ But it's doesnt go away completely! Well... we all knew that it's hard to get rid of wrinkles/fine lines unless we do some "filling" and what worse was that .... I love to "rub" my eyes ("NOT GOOD"!!) Anyway, this serum kinda help to slow down and prevent any "new" wrinkles being created thru my endlessly rubbing and blinking my eyes.

 Rojukiss Protox Day Cream SPF50 PA+++

The texture of the day cream...

This day cream feel more like a sunblock cream, quite thick in texture. With the high SPF, this can double up as a sunblock, moisturizing and prevent wrinkles! 3 greatness in one product. Cool right?
The thick cream texture doesn't make my skin feel stuffy, sticky or cause any break-outl. The only down side was that it was abit hard to spread around my chubby face. 

So, I divided the application into 4parts, just squeeze out enough amount for each parts of my face (forehead/cheeks/chin and nose). Normally(on other moisturizers), I will squeeze/pour out the amount of lotion onto my palm.. warm(rub) the lotion on my palms before patting it all over my face until it's fully absorbed.

Well... I still use the sunblock after this.. I like to be fully cover in SPF.. I hate looking at my face and found new dark spots!!!

Rojukiss Night Cream

The texture of the Night cream..

I love this night cream, the texture was very moist but not too watery like a lotion and it feel so good on my skin. I notice that in morning, my skin feel and look really soft and supple.

Same as the serum and day cream, This night cream doesnt cause any break-out or clogged my pores and it doesn't feel sticky at all. Fine lines does improved for about 20% (well.. I only used this for about 5weeks) This night cream was really moisturizing... I sleep in AC room most of the time and it's doesnt make my skin feel dry, tight or itchy.

Rojukiss Protox Sunblock cream SPF 50 PA+++

The texture of the sunblock cream.. watery...

The sunblock cream was really watery... way watery then lotion texture.. I like it! It's easy to spread, doesn't feel too dry on my combination skin(some very watery sunblock was really drying(especially around the area around my lips) Or super oily!)

Very moisturizing, doesn't feel thick on my skin, not oily or sticky at all! And it doesn't make my foundation(liquid, bbream or powder/mineral foundation) patchy or cakey. Oh, it also doesn't leave any white cast on my face. The finishing of this sunblock lotion was dewy and it kinda brighten up my complexion.

Well, I really like this set of Anti Wrinkles products... it's moisturizing and it does help to minimize the fine lines on my forehead and undereyes! And the best was it doesn't cause any problems to my skin. I have combination skin and it's kinda sensitive and will break-out easily.. (very problematic, right?)

If you ask me which to get... I will say, all of it! Because almost all products work better using side by side...well, maybe can skip the sunblock if you dont like to pile on alot of products on the skin. The day cream have good SPF on it's own.

Rojukiss is available at Serangoon Nex and Raffles City Guardian Singapore.
No wonder I can't find this range of products in Watsons and Guardian stores(around Orchard, West Coast Plaza and Jurong Point) Was going to get the night cream and sunblock.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by the company for consideration.