Monday, February 28, 2011

Physiogel Hypoallergenic cream is my dry patchy eczema skin saviour!

Physiogel Products are::
-no colourants
-no perfume
-no perservatives
-Suitable for sensitive/eczema skin (suitable for all skin type too)


I have a condition of eczema mostly on my lower legs and it's extremely dry and itchy. The effected areas look "white(but pinkish when well moisturize), sometimes it will become so dry that it cracked (Painful) .. It comes and goes and it always took a really long time to "partly" recover!! Gone but never heal- That's the sad case of "ECZEMA" (Agree?)

I've tried alot of "aczema" creams and ointment.. it's just relief the dryness NOT the itchyness! I love SkinMD: super moisturizing on the skin, but not so moisturizing on effected areas.. cos I need to apply like every 30mins to keep it moist.

I think most peoples who have eczema conditions knew that the key is to by reduced scratching and keep it moist. (BUT it was so hard not to scratch it!!!!!)

Well.. I tried the Physiogel lotion... it's feel nice and moist on the super dry skin but it abit mild for my condition! So when I finished up that bottle... I start using the cream and I LOVE IT!!!

The cream is very moisturizing and it does leave a firm of protection on the skin surface.. it's feel abit oily, but not sticky. And it keep my dry skin hydrated for hours. The cream also feel very soothing on my itchy skin! (I like... I like!!!)

Although, my skin still feel itchy.. but it does reduce the itchness level(lolx...)  I donno how to express it..... it still feel itchy when the cream wears off.. but not as itchy as before.(Get it???? NO????)

I didn't try the cream moisturizer on my face. It was too thick and oily. The lighter version "Physiogel Lotion"... I feel that it was light and mild on my body but totally way too thick on my face!!! It just don't absorb well on my face's skin :(

I'm not sure about the price, I think it's less then SD$40 (available at Guardian store in Sg)
Price: SD$22.90 (Update after checking the price at the store)

Can read more about Physiogel on their website