Sunday, February 13, 2011

Haul: MAC Private Sale


Thanks Kim for the ticket and Verlyn for dragging me along(lolx).. I didnt planned to go, cos I dont feel like "spending" money.. well, it's always fail when it come to "makeup" and "sale"(lolx). I'm glad that I went.. because it was FUN.. well, not the sale.. but the part where I hang out with everyone before and after the sale! ^__^

OK.. here's my haul...

Not all belong to me... I helped Ming(miwitch) CP some ... she say she want MSF/Bronzer/Blushes (if there's any... mostly 2 or 3 pieces).. Well.. I went abit overboard (lolx) I knew her well and I think that she will love it...  well, if she dont I can just sell it off (right???) :P

This belong to her...

OK... let break down on the stuff I got....

I got 2 "Look In the Box" set and this is "Miss Violet"

In this set.. it got...

Miss Violet set have::: Rose Beauty Powder, Desert Rose Powder blush, Love Stone eyeshadow, lovechild lipglass and Zoom fast black lash mascara.

The above pic was taken with flash.. the one below was taken without flash..

The next set is Frisky Girl

inside the box...

Pretty Baby Beauty Powder, Well Dressed Powder blush, Mercurial eyeshadow, Nymphette lipglass and Zoom fast black lash mascara.

I already have well dressed powder blush.. but I'm loving the eyeshadow and Pretty baby beauty powder!!!!!!! <3 (Thanks Verlyn ^_~)

The 2010 A Tartan Tale Collection for Holiday sets...

This two are Noble Knights Lash & Line eye bag and Violet my love Lash & Line kit

Violet my love Lash & Line kit

The Fluidline is really pretty.. but look really similar to the Maybelline Purple gel line!!

Compare.. Maybelline and MAC.. see.. look really similar right???

Noble Knights Lash & Line Eye Bag

Blitz & Glitz is a black with gold pearl (Frost) Fluidline

The Swinging Violets Mineralize Kit

Icescape lipglass, Earthly Riches Mineralize eyeshadow, Bare Study Paintpot and Zoomblack Black mascara

At the sale... they only have 1 MSF.. and I got it for ming... and I find that it look really similar to the Relvon baked bronzer ...

I didnt swatch it.. cos this belong to Ming(miwitch)  ... Why I never get one for myself? I thought it was dark... but if it's really similar to the relvon one.. it's gonna be soooooo PRETTY!

I also got 2 brushes... (both made in Japan)

That's all ^__~