Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everyday basic simple Look

I have afew emails asking what kind of look I normally wear out for a short period of time around the neighbourhood.
Normally. I will wear sunblock + bbcream for running errands. (No need to go all the way to eyeshadow and brows.. I'm too lazy for that, lolx)
Well.. For this LOTD, it will be a look I wear when I'm going out for dinner with my family, somewhere not too far away. Like a mall nearby or afew bus stops away from my home(you get the ideas, places that have more crowds)
I'm using a single color on my lids with thick eyeliners.

(Above with flash - below pic without flash)

A very simple everyday look ...

On my face..
Nature republic Alsaka Aqua sunblock cream, SANA Pore Putty Moist base, Dr Jart+ bbcream(actually can skip bbcream if your skin condition is good... I just need more coverage for my redish skin), MAC studio Finish concealer(for my dark post acne marks that are way too dark to cover with bbcream) and MAC MSF in light to set.

On my cheeks...
Before I set my face with MAC MSF... I applied MUA Bronzage  (cream bronzer) on my cheekbones, MAC CreamJoie-De-Vivre creamblend blush on my cheeks. After setting my face with MAC MSF(just light blush around the cheek areas) . MAC Desert Rose Matte blush on the cheeks and top it with Gransebon Gran Decollete(swatches) highlight face powder in #02(nude flower) and as highlight too. (products in blue font was provided by the company)
MAC Desert Rose was a pretty intense matte blush.. I like to dap my blush brush on the powder and wipe it off on a tissue then apply on my cheeks.. if I need more.. I just dap the brush on the tissue to pick up the color again.
Here's the swatches of MAC Desert Rose Matte Powder blush...

(Above with flash, below pic without flash)

Swatch on a tissue

MAC Let me pop paintpot on the lids and blend blend blend... (brow's highlight.. I'm using MAC MSF to brighten up) Heavy Rotation Gel liner (I apply that on the tightline too) and Maquillage gel liner in GD855(Gold) on waterline. Majolica Majorca mascara.
On my brows... K Palette Real Lasting eyebrow 24hrs(Shade 01) and Canmake Coloring eyebrow mascara in #05(the newest shade).
Didn't wear any lip color.. :P If I'm going to put on a lip color, it would be some coral pink lipgloss.

With flash...

Pics taken without flash turn out to be abit too pale... the lighting wasn't strong cos the sky getting abit gloomy yesterday(evening).
I have been rocking these look almost everyday.. unless I going to town area. I normally use MAC paintpot or KATE Gel Shadow. Really simple right.. Cheeks color also play a big part on brightening up the eyes and face!
That's all ^__^