Friday, February 04, 2011

Event: Mandarin Gallery/1st Anniversary Celebration

Mandarin Gallery celebrate their First Anniversary last friday at Mandarin Garllery~

We were there to witness the  "Two Good To Be True" Grand Draw

Guest Registration booth...
Shoppers will entitled in the "Two Good To Be True" Grand draw with a minimum of $1000 spent @ Mandarin Gallery(From last Sept 2010 to mid Jan 2011) . The two lucky winners will drive home a brand new BMW X5 xDrive35i(White) or BMW 120i Convertible(Red).

During the draw, 20 lucky shoppers were picked.. for those who didnt win the cars, each will received shopping vouchers of SD$680/ SD$880!
The event/draw was hosted by Gurmit Singh... It's was very entertaining! lolx
One of the main highlight during the event... Urban Drum Crew..

After the event/draw.. we are free to check out the mall, which was close from public (Feel so exclusive la.. lolx). We shop first and then relax at Jones the Grocer for dinner and chitchatting.
I have Wagyu Beef Burger and Apple Crumble.

Notice a bite on the potato wedges? I almost forgot to take a pic of my dinner, lolx (I'm using Iphone... cos too lazy to whip out my camera)
I got a bracelet and a small hair clip at Agatha Paris..
The breed of the doggie's logo is "Scottish Terrier" (It so remind me of buibui.. same breed(Well, buibui is cross breed of Scottish Terrier and shih tzu))
Those who love Korean Drama will know this brand better.. cos the leading actresses love to wear their hair accessories in the drama(well.. back in 2007/08 la... now hardly see any now!)
At last but not lease... A group pic with Joyce and Mei from Sinkid.
I have a great evening with Iris, Mag, kas and Sara... it's a breezy evening (Yes.. it's really windy, by the time the "draw" started.. I have hair all over my face) filled with laughters, shopping and foods!!!! What not to LOVE? ^__^