Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A tiny haul before CNY

Check out Canmake new released products.. consist of 3 new cream blushes(all with shimmers), 1 cream highlighter amd 2 new brow's mascaras~

(No a good shot.. cos you know la.. this setup was right next to the cashiers at IMM's Watsons)
I got the lightest shade of the brow's mascara ...I like lighter shade cos my brows were really BLACK.. and I need lighter shades to tone down my brows and make it look smooth (lolx) This is more yellow then gold (dont seem to be shimmery at all!)
Canmake coloring Eyebrow SD$13.90 (@ Watsons)

When I was taking pics of the item/ peapea was sleeping soundly on the bed...... and when I twisted open the canmake coloring eyebrow mascara.. he jump up and can't stop sniffing it... when I close the cap, he stop.... I open it again.. and there he start again!!! The mascara must smell good to him! lolx

SANA Namerakahonpo Lotion (review), I really love this lotion(toner- my 4th bottles) so decided to try the moisture lotion (And after using it for afew days... I LOVE IT!)
Price: SD$19.90 each (@ SASA)

Namerakahonpo Moisture Lotion (Ingredients list)

And this is a really "cheap" buy at Watsons...
Naris VD Dry Moist Base UV with SPF 27 PA +++ (Tinted) Price: SD$2.00 (Yes.. it's SD$2)

Ingredients list...

They didnt have any tester at Watsons.... so I just get it anyway.. cos it's only SD$2! I swatch it at home and it was really moist.. not thick and it feel more like a moisturizer lotion(Japan moisturizer) very watery and it doesnt have much color on the skin. But it do have a dewy finishing. (I have to try it on the face to know whether this is good or not)
I try not to spend too much on "makeup" stuff.. skincares doesnt count(Right? lolx)