Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fingers hauling is FUN!

Last Sat meet up with the girls from onsugar to collect my fingers hauls(from sprees)... cum alittle gathering ^__^
Here's the stuff I collected from Joanna and Kim

Only 1 item was purchase on that day and that was the MAC "Chilled on Ice" Paintpot!

 Swatches on "Chilled on Ice" paintpot... (From various lighting)

2 Sugarpill quads from Joanna's sugarpill spree... I got Burning heart and Sweet Heart... (swatches)

Kate Mascara base CP from Hongkong! Thanks Kim(email me the amount ^__~)

I tried it today and it hold up the curls really well!!! I like for now.. lolx(have to try it afew times ^_~)
Sleek Blush Pixie Pink from Joanna's spree(ordered together with Ming)

Swatches of Sleek Pixie Pink blush in various lighting...

I went back to MAC the next day to get the fluidlines from the Mickey Contractor collection

From MAC and Mickey Contractor Collection Siahi Fluidline

MAC and Mickey Contractor Collection: Ivy Fluidline

No swatches for now... I will when I start using it.. like tomorrow .. lolx
And some random buy at Watsons...
Maybelline Pure Mineral 2 way foundation.. come in refill pact (have to purchase the compact case seperately)
For now till the end of Jan 2011.. Free compact case with any purchase of the refill(I got this for my mum cos she kept saying she ran out of pressed foundation - She choose this la..  (lolx)

Dove Shampoo (cos I finished mine .. (I rotate different type of shampoos, not that I used up shampoo really fast- lolx) and I love Dove Intense repair shampoo! 15% off at Watsons(but found out that CK dept is way cheaper! lolx)

Klorane Dry Shampoo SD$14.90(before discount) Watsons having 20% off on all Klorane products (I love this dry shampoo to the max... it keep my hair fluffy and oil free!!!)

Verlyn gave me a cute little silver eyeliner/crayon shadow(?) from POP beauty (Thanks ^__^)

That's all.. I have a great time on Saturday!

Nice meeting up with Sophia, Amy, Kas, Kim (kim's gf), Joanna, Michelle, Rusty, Jen and who else? (Sorry I cant remember all the names...) It's always fun catching up with everyone, check out the latest collection together.... and not forgetting the swatching fest at Sephora's MAC and having Gong Cha together!