Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biore Post Party Face Savers

Last Month(Dec 2010), Kao Biore send me a package of their makeup remover products...

It was delivery in a huge package..

And inside was this big and cute DIY Aids box!

First ->>> Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (

The sheet(wipe) was about a palm size and it's not really that moist (if I squeeze hard ... I can squeeze out afew drops of the cleansing oil)... the sheet doesn't feel  rough... quite soft... but, personally I dont like using sheet/wipe to cleanse off my makeup.. too much friction!
It's good for traveling though ^__^

I swatched waterproof eyeliners, liquid liner, mascaras(waterproof), lipstick, foundation and concealer... I put a piece of cleansing sheet on top of the areas.. and let the oil soak and melt the makeup before lightly wiping off.. it removed color makeup really well but doesn't cleanse off waterproof mascaras (I'm using Fasio and Kiss me mascaras)
For the whole face.. I used 4 sheets to fully removed all trace of makeup on my face including mascara, but it doesn't do a good job at removing waterproof mascaras.. I soak up a cotton pad of eye and lip point makeup remover to cleanse off the mascara's residue on the lashes.
Next -> Makeup remover for eye and lip (

I love this point makeup remover!! Before trying this.. my top fave point makeup remover would be from Fasio.. but NOW.. this have move up the list!!
Remember to shake(mix the oil and essence) the point cleansing oil before using.
All I do was soak up a cotton pad(I means really soak it WET..) with the cleansing oil... and I pressed the cotton pad onto my eyelid, covering the whole eye lid for about 20-40secs with abit of pressure (the longer I soaked.. the colors will melt and wipe off easily) and then lightly move the cotton pad in wiping motion(left to right or right to left.. whatever direction you like) to loose up the mascara wax from the lashes before wiping it off.. (Look at the pic below)...

Eyeshadows, liner and mascara came off.. soak another cotton pad to clean off the colors(makeup on the lids) .. didnt need to do alot of wiping and there's not much friction too(I like I like) ... I removed all my face makeup in the shower using cleansing oil ...

This is one of my all time fave cleansing oil from Biore - it does remove waterproof mascaras (Majolica Majorca/Fasio mascaras)


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