Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anna Sui at Sephora ION!

Yeah, Anna Sui at Sephora ION!!!

Spring at Anna Sui is headlined by an encore performance of Lip Gloss Clear (C) and Lip Gloss Rich (R). 

Supported by a stellar cast of FIVE new nail colors and the complex stylings of the Double Cheek Color the Spring Collection has everything you need for your time in the spotlight. With the Anna Sui Spring Collection, you are the star and the world is your stage. "

From 13 - 19 January 2011,
When you say the tagline "Shine Like A Movie Star with Anna Sui", You will receive a Anna Sui base, foundation and fragrance sample. And with any SD$80 purchase of Anna Sui products, you can get the Limited Edition Anna Sui Vanity Tin Case for only $16! Exclusively at Sephora and while stocks last.

Here's the Promo pic of the Anna Sui Vanity tin case...

More pics spam.... lolx

lolx... when I mention the treat was inside the tin... peapea gave me this look!

Disclaimer: The Anna Sui Vanity case was provided by Anna Sui.