Friday, December 24, 2010

Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Review

I have been using Rojukiss Stim Cell Natural Serums and Sunblock for the month of November(now I'm using Rojukiss anti-wrinkles range).. so this review is base on one month use of the products. (I know it took me so long to do this review.. lazy la...lolx)

I received this set (sample sizes.. they provide 3 each.. enough to last for a month+) of serums+sunblock around October and after amonth of using it everyday, I still have one set left(untouch)!

Actually the sample size serum can last up to 3weeks! As for the sunblock it last around 7-10days.

Hmm... I'm not a big fan on whitening products like serum/moisturizer, I do love using whitening sunblock,  I have no problems with whitening sunblock(as for the skincares, it always feel either too dying or too rich)and I DO NOT know why?(lolx)

About Cell Natural...

Rojukiss Cell Natural Serum For Light and dark Tone  
(Price SD$59.90 for 30ml)

The retail size will look like this...

Stim Cell Natural Serum For Light Tone..

Stim Cell Natural Serum For Light Tone ::
to apply on normal areas... the whole face or on the very newly pop out dark spots.

Here's the texture of the light and dark tone serums...

Stim Cell Natural Serum For Dark Tone...

Stim Cell Natural Serum For Dark Tone ::
 to apply on very dark(stubborn) brown spots and pigmentation.

The texture of both serum were very watery.. not thick and it doesn't feel oily when applied on the face. I apply the light tone serum all over my face after toner(softener.. using my own moisturizing toner) and follow by the dark tone serum on my dark spots and acne's scarring.

It feel smooth and soft after the serums were absorbed... skin doesn't feel sticky nor oily.
After using it for about aweek... the dark spot around my cheek's bones stop to pop out(I have dark spots on both of my cheek's bones).. I was like Wow!! But after afew days.. when the bumps flaten with black head popping out...  I thought the dark spots would be gone! Nope, it's still here, just a tiny bit lighten.

But after 3weeks of using, I start to have some minor bumps here and there(mostly around my cheeks ).. I guess the serums were abit too rich for my skin. So I stop using the light tone on the whole face and just focus on using the dark tone serum on my dark spots.

Do note that after applying the serums... still need to apply moisturizer to lock in the serums and moisturizing the skin(I'm using the Heme moisturizer gel)

OK.. here's the before and after pics of my right cheek's bone(the part where I have dark spots) (I have a huge bump near my brow, I crop it off.. kekeke)

I do feel that the skin look abit brighter and clear(???) but it's doesn't show much improvement for a month of using the serums.

My dark spots still visible.. but treatment for lightening spots and pigmentation need times... I gave up(lolx.. not a big fan on whitening products...)

Stim Cell Natural Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++  
Price SD$39.00 for 50ml

Shake well before use... cos the texture of the sunblock was really light and watery.
Fast absorption
doesn't feel greasy or sticky
Didn't leave any white cast too.
Doesn't cause any breakout too!

Blended into the skin...

(Pic below shown that the sunblock doesn't make skin look too pale-no white cast.)
With and without sunblock. (It's doesn't look any different.. but it does make skin look abit radiance.)

I love the sunblock the most.. cos it's lightweight, provide good sunblocking power.. doesn't make my foundation(bbcream/mineral foundation/liquid foundation) patchy/cakey or look really thick.

All review was base on my personal experiences.
I'm not affiliated with the company.