Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review of Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BBcream + LOTD

Will be reviewing Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BBcream SPF25 PA ++ ... have been trying this bbcream for awhile now.

Bio Multi-Effect BBcream has 8 in 1 effects with SPF 25 coverage
Ingredients list...(Click to enlarge)
The opening was abit too big!
The texture

Bare face with sunblock only...
With bbcream....

My review after using the bbcream for 5days
  • The texture of the bbcream was watery, but it applied thick on the skin.
  • The shade was abit dark on me.. maybe becos of that, the coverage was really good!
  • Great coverage(feel more like liquid foundation), conceal redness, minor scarring and pores quite well. Don't expect to conceal purplish/blue-ish dark circle (still need a corrector for it) I will pat on extra bbcream on area that needed more coverage.
  • Oil control wasn't good on me.. nose (my whole face) start look oily after about 1 to 2 hrs!!
  • The finishing of the bbcream was abit wet/oily (I think it was becos of the moisturizing factor).
(From the swatches on the back of my hand can see the finishing of the bbcream was abit thick and wet.. it took while for the bbcream to fully absorbed.. but still leave a thin film of creamy feel. Need to set it with loose powder.
  • Dewy finishing, but becos the bbcream made my face look 1/2 shade darker.. it kinda lost the radiance feel on my skin.
  • As for whitening/reduces wrinkles or fine lines/skin repair.. I only use it for afew days only... too soon to tell!.
  • All I can say was this bbcream was quite moisturizing 

Products Used: I do LOVE orangey eye-makeup! ^__~
I received 3 Bio-Essence bbcream from TheSampleStore last week...


The 3 bbcreams have different functions...
  • Bio Multi-effect BB Cream is for Coverage (Review above)
  • Aqua BB Cream is for moisturizing
  • Bio Platinum BB cream is for whitening (Review coming soon)
About Bio-Essence Aqua BBcream
Ingredients list...
About Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BBcream ( Review )
Ingredients list... (Click on the pic for larger size)

  • Bio-essence Bio Multi-effect bbcream -> Price: SD$28
  • Bio-essence Bio Platinum bbcream -> Price: SD$32
  • Bio-essence Aqua bbcream Price: -> SD$28
Bio-essence is available in Watsons, John Little, Guardian, Robinsons, BHG, OG, Careefour, NUTC, Giant, CK Department stores... and (I guess) most cosmetics stores. (I would say get it at John Little.. cos they always have storewide 20% promotion)

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