Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Heme 24hr Hydrating skincare range

I received the Heme Hydrating range awhile back and have been using it for the whole month of November.
->>>> Heme 24hr Hydrating Instant Recovery Serum (30ml) <<<<-

The texture..

The Serum is a thick gel-like texture(unlike normal watery serum texture)... Absorbed fast, but leave a very sticky film on the skin. Luckily the moisturizer can cover the stickyness(cos it have a velvety finishing.)

I don't use this serum everyday(Twice a week).. cos it really moisturizing and the other reasons was because the "moisturizer" is moisturizing enough.

I treat this serum as SOS serum... I will use it when I feel that my skin was abit tight or when I know I will be out under hot sun for long hours. (It does help to minimize the chance of having skin inflammation bumps!)

Or use it under the mask.. it enhance the moisturizing factor!

->>>> Heme 24hr Hydrating Face Moisturizer (40ml) <<<<-

The texture....

The texture of the moisturizer look like glue gum... lolx (remind me of my childhood art class! :P) ... when rubbing the moisturizer on the palms, it will melt into a watery consistency.

Fast absorption with a velvety finishing touch. (The rose scent was very mild, not too overpowering) skin feel supple and soft!

The moisturizer work well with any type of sunblock, I have tried using Nature Republic Alsaka sunblock cream(cream consistency), L'oreal Sunblock lotion(lotion consistency) and Rojukiss Sunblock (Very light watery consistency lotion).

->>>> 24hr Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly (50ml) <<<<-

The texture...

The gel was very moisturizing. The absorption was abit slow, after massaging the gel jelly into the skin, the finishing was abit sticky(not sticky like hada labo lotion or glue like type of sticky.. just abit wet type)...just leave it and after about 30seconds.. the jelly absorbed into the skin leaving a smooth and soft finishing.

The next day, when I wash my face with just water.. skin feel really supple, soft and smooth!  I only do this once or twice a week (once if I'm doing mask or using the serum)

All the above products didn't cause any break out on the skin. No itchiness or any discomfort feeling.

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