Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nature Republic haul....

I actually wanna do a collective haul entry.. but some of the goodies I bought haven't arrive yet... so... :P

I got 3 ice jelly primers(I love these!!).. the blueberry for ming, Lemon for my sister and melon is for me ^__^ I already have two.

They have 4 different colors of Ice Jelly Primer : Cherry(Pink-radiance/even out skintone), Blueberry(lavender - brightening), Lemon (Yellow- oil- control) and Melon (Mint - for Moisturizing) (Price:SD$19.90 each)
4D Flower Powder (Even skin tone/brightening Loose powder) OOps, I can't remember the price! (think it's less then SD$30) This is their new loose powder (less shimmery and pinkish compare to their first version)

I still haven't open this to try.... Well.. I will tomorrow :P

I'm so loving their cleanser foam...  SD$6.90 each

This is their new product! Soothing Gel with 90% Fresh Aloe Vera  (Price S$13.90)

The ingredients list...(Click on the pic for full size)

Their sharpener..

Their new product sample... Omega Wrinkle filler softener(I gave it to my sis.. whom love anti-wrinkle products)

That's all...