Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heme 24hrs Hydrating series Masks

This is the part 2 of the Heme 24hrs Hydrating skincare review... in this entry, it's all about "MASKS" (sheet masks)

->>>> Heme 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask (5pc/box) <<<<-

Ingredients list...

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On the nose area... it's abit short, didn't cover the tip of my nose(lolx) I dig out the serum from the pack and apply it on the tip of my nose.

The mask feel nice on the skin.. doesn't feel any stinging sensation at all! Good thing about  Hyaluronic Acid... I notice that I don't feel any stingy feel when I applied masks that contain HA!
After I remove the mask ::: Skin does brighten up, supple and moisturizing. But it only last a day. (I'm sure everyone know that the effect from a mask only last a day or three the most, right?). So it's best to apply the mask before makeup for instant brightening and hydrating effect. I like the brightening effect of this mask!
Doesn't feel sticky or dry after removing the mask.
Must remember to apply moisturizer after masking.. cos it was just serum/essence(doesn't lock in moisture).. still need moisturizer to lock in the goodness and prevent dehydration.
->>>> Heme 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Lift V-Mask (5pc/box) <<<<-

Ingredients list... (click on the image for larger size)

Before "pulling" (Lifing up my face and neck)

I do feel abit stingy sensation around my neck(but it only last about 30secs)...
I do feel the lifting effect, especially the neck! (Oooh, I feel that my double chins were gone at that point.. but it was just my imagination! lolx)
After removing the mask :::: I do see instant brightening(like the hydrating mask)... but it feel abit dry on the cheeks, need to apply moisturizer after that to lock in the essence from the mask. Skin does feel abit tighter(more lean.. not dry type of tightness)
I let my mum use this mask.. and she love the brightening and tightening effect of the mask.. keep bugging me to get more from Watsons! lolx
I guess, it work best for more mature skin? Cos younger skin still feel supple and tight... this is a good mask to prevent saggy skin.
->>>> Heme: Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Mask (5pc/box) <<<<-

Ingredients list...

The eye's mask is really thin...

The eye mask fit perfectly around my eye's area, quite moisturizing... and I do see instant brightening around the eye's area(same as the two facial masks).

After removing the mask :::: I can see the butterfly shape around my eye's area(lolx)
The essence doesn't feel sticky and it absorb nicely and fast into my skin. Skin feel soft and supple.
I don't really like this type of eye's mask.. I very much prefer those mask over type.. where I can close my eyes and enjoy which masking my eyelids too. But I do know alot of peoples liking this type of eye's mask.. my mum is one of them :P

All of the above masks are best to use before makeup for instant brightening effect and it also prep the skin for makeup! Anyway, it would be a waste to mask it before going to bed... lolx)

And it doesn't cause any breakout while I used any of the above masks.
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