Thursday, December 30, 2010

A tiny hauling at NEX....

On Christmas day, meet up with Ming( and the girls to check out the newly opened NEX at Serangoon. I can't believe that we spent around 8 hrs roaming around NEX and we didn't do much also!!(Time just passes by without us noticing!)

What did I haul??
Well... stuff I can normally found in town/malls near my place...lolx... the mall is big and there's foods stores/restaurants located on every floors, nothing too special there.... I don't think I will travel all the way there in the future, unless someone drag me over... kekekeke.. it's just a huge mall! (Good for the residences around there.. )

3 items (beautymaker and Naruko) were CP by Ming's friend, when she went to Taiwan (Thanks Amber!!!)
(I got all 3 item less then SD$50)
BeautyMaker(From Taiwanese Makeup Artist/Stylish - Kevin's brand) Color Correcting Eyelid Primer

BeautyMaker Magic Concealer in Ivory (Eye brightening concealer)

Niu Er Beauty Guru from Taiwan's brand "Naruko"
Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Eye Jelly

OK.. below were the stuff I got from NEX... @Watsons (Having 20% on most brands.. and KATE too!)
I got Kate white gel shadow(SD$14.50 before discount) and gel eyebrow(SD$19.50-before discount)

I have been looking for the white gel shadow for awhile now.. Watsons in town and my home areas all ran out of KATE gel shadows!

Swatch of the gel shadow will be edit in tomorrow(I wanna took the pic in day light)
KATE gel eyebrow..

I chose the lightest shadow (got a brow and a more greyish tone.. total 3 different shades)

Dentiste' Plus white SD$7plus (Review)

At Etude House... Buy 2 polishes free 1 for any range (the one I got is LUCIDarling SD$6.90each)

Etude Mini size U Pore Refresh Astringent (Pre-toner lotion) Price:: SD$29.90

Click to enlarge...

Thanks Jessie for the lovely gift ^__^

Beside shopping... we have yummy foods too!

Burgers from "Freshness Burgers" .  I don't quite like the bun.. it's sweet.. kinda like cream bun type of bun... the yellow one, BUT the onion rings is YUM!!!!  (The burger was really small... not like original size burger) ...

Ramen at Ramen Play ... (YUMYUMYUM) and finally setting down at starbucks for coffee...

With Verlyn 

Jessie and Ming (pic taken from Jessie blog)

I received the "Glow" magazine in the mail...
(Come with a set of travel size Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner)

If you spent above $200 for the past 2/3mths you will received this magazine for free in the mail!

It's nice to spend Christmas with friends whom share the same passion and love in beauty + shopping + foods! Kekekekeke...

(Notice the Sana Pore Putty oil control/matte face powder? .. Well, my sis bought it few days ago.. cameos in my haul entry(lolx.. well.. my sis love this product.. it's her 3rd one now)