Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Za Launches Future Defense Plus

In Mid November 2010, ZA will launches their (newly reformulated) Future Defense Plus. A new Skincare range targeting for women in their 20s and early 30s for firm, resilient skin that glows from within.

Reformulated from ........ "Future Defense" Range

The newly reformulated included 2 types of Technology..

Cleansing Foam

Contain 2 types of granules.. that cleanses and hydrated the skin.


 The micro-ball capsule technology maximize the absoption of moisture...

Emulsion and cream



Wrinkle minimizer

What is Polymer?(Click for larger size on all pics above)


I haven't try these range of products yet but when I feels it at the Shiseido office.. the Prismizer feel refreshing and nice... and the OMY wrinkle minimizer... I can't wait to try them on my face!
Future Defense Plus will be available at all Watsons Outlets in mid-November (I already spotted the range at some Watsons - go check them out if you're interested!)

The Prices::
Za Future Defense Plus Facial Foam SD$9.90
Za Future Defense Plus Prismizer SD$19.50
Za Future Defense Plus Wrinkle Minimizer SD$20.50
Za Future Defense Plus Emulsion SD$19.50
Za Future Defense Plus Cream SD$23.50

Check out ZA website:

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Disclaimer: All products mention above were provided by Shiseido Za.
P/S:: OMy! This entry took forever to update! Onsugar keep refreshing the page... and I  figure that I just type the infos on each products and save it as Jpeg form(pic form) to minimize the chance of re-typing everything again! lolx