Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shiseido Tsubaki Damage care and Shiny Hair range

I received 2 set of Tsubaki shampoos from Shiseido on 1st November.... (I know.. that was quite sometimes ago!)

The concept...

The key ingredientsHigh purity Tsubaki Oil EX's: Hair care component.
Shinning Sensor Mechanism: Make hair radiate with a shine from roots to tips.
Deep Beauty & Shine Pearl Lipid: gives hair support from within and evoke radiance.
The Shining Line(Red) series : Shampoo, conditioner and Hair mask.

(Click on each pic to see in larger size)
Shampoo ingredients list

Conditioner ingredients list

Hair Mask ingredients list

The Damaged Care Line(White) Series...

The Damage Care(White) series, have one very interesting point! It got sunblock power! (Prevent damaging from sun!!!)
The Shampoo ingredients list...

The Conditioner ingredients list...

The hair mask ingredients list...

Ridges at the sides and on the top "cap"  of the bottle indicate it's a shampoo

I have been trying the Shinning Line(red) for about 3 weeks now... Hair feel really smooth and neat, it does look really shiny under bright lights! The oil control of this wasn't that good (becos I have very oily scalp) .. anyway, it doesn't make my hair feel sticky or itchy. And the scent was OMY.. it last all day.. even my pillow smell like the shampoo! Fruity sweet scent (but not those overpowering type of sweetness)
I'm going to try the The Damage Care(White) shampoo in December. 
Price list:
Shinning(Red) Shampoo - SD$8.90(220ml) and SD$17.90(550ml)
Shinning(Red) Conditioner - SD$8.90(220ml) and SD$17.90(550ml)
Shinning(Red) Hair Mask - SD$19.90(200g)
Damage Care(White) Shampoo - SD$9.90(220ml) and SD$18.90(550ml)
Damage Care(White) Conditioner - SD$9.90(220ml) and SD$18.90(550ml)
Damage Care(White) Hair Mask - SD$21.90
Disclaimer: Products were give by Shiseido for trying/reviewing.