Friday, November 05, 2010

New Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Powder + UBU (2item haul)

Popped into Watsons while waiting for my parents at VIVO and walked out with a tiny goodies~

The new Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Powder.
Come in 3 shades: Clear (White casing) and Beige (2 shades in Black casing)
Price:SD$23.90 @ Watsons

(Edit: I took this pic at Jurong Point's Watsons today)

Show my younger sister the new Smooth Powder.. when she told me she wanna get a new setting powder (I knew she will like it.. cos she love the Heroine Make Smooth BBcream) ... So the one in the pic belong to her!

When I swatch the powder.. it was really fine and it smooth out the skin texture (My sister say it make her skin(the back of her hand) look matte!.

Ingredients list:

UBU Berry Brushes.. they have blushes brush, angled blusher brush and skunk brush(this was abit too fluffy... they didn't have any sample to feel... so I just get the Angled Blusher brush.. cos it was too cute la!

UBU = Urban Beauty United, registered trademark of QVS Global China.
Price SD$9.90 @ Watsons

The brush was quite dense... not really like Oh my gosh type of soft (like Everyday Mineral face brushes or Eco Tools Brushes). I need to wash it first... but it doesn't feel bad! :)

Yesh... this time it's really a super tiny haul! I just wanna share the new found stuff in Watsons!