Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get together with Anna Sui’s Rockin’ Wonderland

Last Thursday(18th Nov 2010), Anna Sui invited afew bloggers including me for a little get together at Ying Yang Rooftop Bar @ The Club to preview their Christmas collection.

I know it's around Maxwell Hawker center.. but I'm not really sure which part it's located, so with the help of google map.. I found my way!! Lolx(I really put my new phone on good use!Right???)

The scary stairs...

The rooftop...

 <3 Makeup, drinks and foods!

The evening was filled with fun and laughters..
Kas and Sophia

Iris, Mag and Me(^__^ Pic taken off Mag's blog)

Sesame, Kas and Sophia

My camera was not behaving well when I try to take pics of "human" (lolx) it's either abit blurry(yes, even with flash!!) or overexpose to a point no PSing can help!(shake head)

Now.. the interesting part! The makeup!

The Anna Sui Limited Edition: Rockin’ Wonderland Holiday Collection 2010

The Makeup Collection set in 01 (Price SD$84)


Close up and swatches on the products..
The Cheek color (Blush)

The ingredients list for the cheek color..

The Lip Gloss

The ingredients list:

The eye gel and lipgloss swatches..

The Gel shadow..

The ingredients list..

(As for the gel shadow swatch from above.. I only use a tiny bit. )

The Beauty Box (Price: SD$35) It's a very sturdy box

Mirror Charm (Price: SD$47)

Nail Color N (Price: SD$24 each)

(I applied 2 coats) I love the pink shade <3<3<3
The other shades...

 Beside the goodies I have.. the collection also have
Eye color Crayon (7shades) Price SD$35 (each)

Necklace Rouge (2 types) Price: SD$75 each
It made of resin and Swarovski crystal (necklace length 85cm)

  Lip Color Collection IV and Eye Color Collection IV (Price SD$65 each)

 Phew~ it's a long and pics heavy entry....