Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Oh My God Perfect Gel

OH MY God Perfect Gel is a 6 in 1 products that all we need from cleansing to moisturizing.

OH MY GOD Perfect Gel a 6-1 solution!!!!!
1) Makeup removal
2) Facial Cleanser
3) Toner
4) Essence
5) Emulsion
6) Moisturizer
Contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide.

My review:
I only use this when I don't wear mascara (I don't wear non-waterproof mascara, so I only "trust" using oil base remover for the stubborn waterproof mascara..) 

  • this does remove waterproof makeup, foundation and concealer.

  • lightweight and watery, easy to spread all over the face
    massage the gel all over the face slowly to melt away the makeup... I really enjoying this step, because the gel feel really soothing! After that wipe off with cotton pad or tissue. (No need to rinse off)
  • Not too dry
  • soothing on the skin
  • skin feel smooth and supple
  • quite moisturizing
  • The gel scent was so heavenly *yummmmm*
    (A mixture of berries scent)

I do some swatches of waterproof liner, cream liner, paintpot, eyeshadow and lipgloss..
The cons :
  • Don't remove stubborn mascara
  • Have to use tissue/cotton pad to remove
    (This is just my personal preference, I simply don't like the feeling of tugging the skin when I use a tissue/cotton pad to wipe off the makeup........ I prefer wash off type. :P)
I guess, for those who love cleansing milk, cleansing wipes and gel makeup removal can give this a try! (This have less tugging on the skin and non dying!)
A product for lazy busy person(MEeeee! lolx.. if only it can remove waterproof mascara! )

Available at SASA from September 2010 onwards (it's already out!)
Price: SD$39.90