Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Namerakahonpo moisture skin lotion (Soymilk)

I received this Moisturizing lotion(toner) last month from SANA and have been using it for about 3weeks.

I didn't understand any of the Japanese Printing on the back of the bottle.

The texture was quite watery.. not sticky or thick like Hada Labo lotion.

When I use this lotion for the first time.. I do not feel anything special about it..  it feels like I have soak up a cotton pad with water and pat it all over my face. It does feel abit cooling(I guess it's becos I was sitting in the Air-con room?).. but the scent was really soothing.. smell like beans, rice grains and abit powdery. (I love rice grain scent!!)

After using it for 3days.. My skin start to feel really smooth! I can't stop touching my face(it's bad I know... lolx)

Before that I have been using Sana Natural Resource.. yes, the whole range made my skin feel smooth.. but this make it even smoother! Kinda reminds me of my childhood days- when I soak up a face towel with rice water to mask on my face. The result was similar- brighten up my complexion and leave a silky smooth film on my face.

What I like about this lotion:
  • Soothing/calming
  • brighten up my complexion
  • moisturizing
  • make my face feel silky smooth
  • doesn't cause any irratation
  • doesn't cause any breakup.. infact, it kinda reduce breaking out and heal acnes/pimples
  • prep my skin for better absoption for serum and moisture
  • Lightweight (even thought it say strong/thick on the bottle)
I even try using the lotion without any serum/moisturizer and my skin doesn't feel tight or dry after sitting in air-con room for more then 4hrs!

Some tips:
I like to soak up cotton pads and mask it over face that feel dry/tight... it's really soothing and relaxing.

Or mask it over newly pop out angry bumps for 10mins.. it calms the inflammation, reduce the pain and also lighten up the bumps (from bright redish to pinkish shade).

Did you know that Namerakahonpo Moisture Skin Lotion(Clear bottle - white cap) used to be #01 in Japan until Hada Labo lotion knock it off to #02. (Interesting! Since both products feel so different in their texture and usage... Well, I prefer Namerakahonpo!)

Anyway, I can't find this range at SASA (I only check out Wisma and IMM outlets). They only have the whitening(White bottle- blue cap) and the latest Namerakahonpo Haritsuya(Pink bottle - gold cap) (which contain coenzye Q10 for radiance skin - I want to try this!!!) ranges.

I do have another bottle of Namerakahonpo White lotion(for Whitening), my super early bday present from AB (thanks again) ... wondering whether it will works the same as the moisturizing lotion (I will try it once I finish up the lotion.)

Check out the full range of Namerakahonpo ->> here <<-

I bought a backup bottle today(23 Sept 2010 @ John Little with 20% discount- retail price SD$19.90)

Here's the details + Ingredients list (Click on the pics to see in larger size)

(When I Peel off the ticket and paste it flat.. I smear the top part :( Well.. at least still can see the ingredients list clearly(lolx)


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