Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: B.liv by Cellnique

I received the package from B.liv send by TheSampleStore 2 weeks ago.

The package was neatly and tighty wrapped!

They asked about my skin conditions before sending me these products, so that they can send me the range that suit my needs. (I like that ^__^)

I received:
1) Off with those heads: Blackheads sebum Gel[Their star product]
2) Spots Got Shot: Blemish Treatment Serum
3) Quench Me: Moisturizing Gel
4) Got me Covered: Sunblock + Foundation (SPF35 PA***)
5) Leach Me: Moisturizing Mask

More about the brand: B.liv, pronounce as "Believe"

Click on the pic to read in larger size or refer to their webpage for more details.

I only start using this range of products on the night of 5th Oct 2010(lolx..) Suppose to try this for 2 weeks and write a review on my initial thoughts on these products but....I only received this on 4th Oct (And we have to write a blog post by 15th Oct... too rush! Anyway, I will do a update review if I feel any different.... after I've tried it for a month.)

Ok.. Here my 10days trial initial review::
B.liv Off with those heads: Blackheads sebum Gel [Their star product]

My review:
-> Texture: Watery Gel serum
-> Fast absorption
-> Doesn't feel sticky or oily on the skin
-> It feel cooling when the gel was fully absorbed
-> mild minty scent

I didn't use alot, just a pea size around the areas that always have white/blackheads/clogged (my nose, chin and outer cheekbones).

1) The morning after I applied the serum...  when I touch my nose, I feel some of the whiteheads falling out(amazing!)

2) My nose start to feel abit sandy(you know.. like strawberry) at the end of the 2nd day(I apply the serum in the morning, under my makeup)..  I was going to use the Heal Pharm Nose pore cleaning sheet.. to get rid of those popping out whiteheads.. but right after I cleanse my face, all the popped out whiteheads were gone! So the serum gel does loosen the whitehead and when I cleanse my face (the cleansing oil + facial foam) does great at clearing up the loosen clogged pores! lolx.. (I'm using ZA cleansing oil + Nature Republic Rice cleansing foam)

Nose feel really smooth and tight! (But I still can see blackheads around my nose, Hai~ those blackheads are way too deep in the pores.. they need more time to be lossen and fall off!)

3) For the past 10days of using this serum, the skin around my nose and chin feel really smooth.. it does loosen whiteheads really well... but not so much on stubborn blackheads. (I need more times... maybe after using the serum for amonth... those stubborn blackheads would be loosen and start to fall off? Lolx)

OK.. here the un-glam pics (Yes! My meaty nose! lolx) (Click the pic for larger size)
My nose too pinkish and shiny... abit hard to capture the details(all pics where taken after I cleanse my face) I tried to take pice without flash, but they all turn out too pale... Can't even see a things (These were taken with zoom in+flash)

The serum are really good at removing whiteheads.. as for those hardcored stubborn blackheads... they need more times!!!!!

Here the pic I took just now... Pores still look huge.. lesses white/blackheads... skin feel super smooth! (Nose doesn't feel dry) ... I like that I don't have the need to use pore cleaning sheet or scrub to get rid of sandy nose! lolx (make foundation look nice and even on my nose!)

A pic I took aday later under bright sunlight (without flash)
(The pores are so scary la... )

[Edit on Oct 16th 2011]
I have been using this serum for a year now (have been repurchasing it and one bottle of 30ML can last up to 6mths).
  • This is my HG product for clearing black heads and white heads!!
    I can't live without this for NOW (until I found another better one!!!)
  • Although I still have blackheads) but it was like 80% lesses as compare to before.
  • Skin around my nose and chin are so much smoother.
  • Hardly have any irritate bumps around my nose anymore. (I used to have one or two every others weeks.. cos of inflammation.)
I did stop using the serum for awhile (like 2/3days) my nose still feel smooth. but if I stop using it for more then aweek ... nose start to feel abit sandy and I will have inflammation bump on the side of my nose!!!!
  • I also notice that this gel dries up acne!! (So I also use this as pimple's gel if I have any)
So, if you are new to this product, I recommend to use this gel everyday for a month or two(depend on how serious your condition).. then you can apply it once every 2/3 days. (Half pump is enough for the whole nose)

Update: As up till NOW (date: 25th Feb 2013)
I still use this serum and still feels that this is by far the BEST blackhead treatment serum.. I've ever tried.

It's reduce black/white heads, though some other products I've tried does help to reduce black/white head... BUT none of them can give me the smoothness. And most of them feels atiny bit "greasy" to touch(I means on the nose, it does have the oily feeling) and bliv is good at prevent inflammation!!!!! Still my fave blackheads treatment serum!!!!

B.liv Spots Got Shot: Blemish Treatment Serum

My review:
  •  Texture: It feel abit thick compare to gel and abit oily(I guess maybe because of Vitamin E)
  •  Doesn't have any feeling when I apply this treatment serum
  •  Doesn't dry up my skins
  •  Doesn't cause skin irrations
  •  Abit slow in healing/flatten bumps/acnes
  •  Lightly fade newly red acne spot scarring
  • Smell like any other blemish gel/cream.. a light medicated scent

  • I find that it work well if the acne was popped.. it flatten and smooth out the inflammation area.
  • Took forever (well.. in my case a week and still counting) to heal bumps causes by inflammation(I have 1+ 1 on my lower cheeks). I like that it doesn't dry up my skin and make the affected areas feel smooth.

    (Old Myths: Don't count acnes.. the more you count the more will pop out! 会越数约多啦! lolx)

Quench Me: Moisturizing Gel

My review:
  •  Texture: creamy Gel type
  •  Light and watery.. easy to spread around the whole face
  •  Doesn't feel sticky or oily
  •  absorbed very quickly into the skin
  •  Doesn't cause any breakout
  •  It smell fresh and lotion-y (the scent was too light to be noticeable)
I only need 2 pumps for the whole face.. it feel watery and absorbed very fast into the skin. It doesn't feel oily or sticky at all!

My skin feel silky smooth almost instantly... I fear that the moisturizer wasn't hydrating enough! But after 3 days of using it twice a day... my skin doesn't have any dry patches/tight or dehydrate! It feel silky, smooth and supple! 
  • It's moisturizing enough to use it in AC room.
    (my skin condition : combination oily skin)
  •  I like it the most was that it doesn't get oily or sticky after a few hours of wearing it.

B.liv Got me Covered: Sunblock + Foundation (SPF35 PA***)

Spread out

My review:
  •  Texture: creamy (not watery or too drying)
  • Feel like a primer but slighty thicker
  • Feel matte but have a lightly dewy finishing (but not like those powder dry matte texture)
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't feel sticky, oily or cakey
  • Even out skintones
  • Coverage: Good for light pinkish spot
  • Good Oil Control
  • Doesn't cause any break-out
  • it's smell like normal foundation, lotion-y (not really that strong.. I hardly notice the scent at all!)
The texture of this sunblock+foundation was in between of a liquid foundation and primer.. without that greasy or lotion feel.

The only con was that it made eyeshadows become so hard to blend (I did apply eyeshadow's primer). I guess the adhesive of this "foundation" was really good! It's grab on the skin so well!

Leach Me: Moisturizing Mask

The pack was so hard to tear open!

Peel off the protective sheet and mask the face with the soft mask...

My review:
  •  This is the 3rd "brand" masks, I've tried that does have stinging sensation on my face!! (The first was Hada Labo, 2nd Aqualabel whitening mask).. 
  •  Very moisturizing, skin feel supple.
  •  Skin feel soothing and relaxing!
  •  Very refreshing and cooling mask (not minty type of cooling... maybe becos I was masking in AC room)
  •  Normally I will wash off the residues after masking (becos whatever that was needed to be absorb was already absorbed into the skin. Beside sometimes, some ingredients might not agree with the surrounding/lights.. so to play safe, I will rinse off residues) before applying moisturizer.
  • After 20 mins of masking, skin feel cool, supple, brighter and very refreshing (I like)
  • My face still feel smooth and nice the next day.
  • The sheet mask was almost transparents but wasn't thin (just like a normal sheet mask) but the holes(eyes) are abit small!

Check out the arrows(in above pic).. the sheet pop out! If I pull it closer to the nose.. the sheet will cover my eyes(lolx).. but this doesn't bother me much! Anyway, the sheet adhere really well on the skin.

Overall: The scents of B.liv products(well.. only those I've mention above) have very light scent.. I hardly notice any unless I try to smell it! The products are lightweight and all absorb into the skin really well and fast. Non sticky and oily (Good) I quite enjoy using this range of products.
I wonder whether the Shrink and tighten will be as good as these....

Check out their official website:
Check out their Facebook Page:!/blivbycellnique
Here the 10% discount code (10BS10) for B.liv: Off with those Heads
(Valid till OCT 2010- for this month only)

(Click to see in larger size)

B.liv are available at :::
Singapore – Available in Sa Sa  and Guardian
Malaysia – Available in Sa Sa, Alpro , Healthlane
(update: NOW it available at selected Watsons)

Price List::
1 Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel) 30ml 69.95
2 Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel) 45ml 94.95
3 Squeaky Clean (beads cleansing gel) 130ml 34.95
4 Oil Leviate (oil control gel) 30ml 49.95
5 Got Me Covered (sunblock + foundation) 50ml 44.95

1 Shrink and Tighten + (larges pores diminishing night complex) 15ml 69.95
2 Shrink and Tighten (large pores reducing serum) 30ml 69.95
3 Glow and Shine (skin smoothening mask) 50g 34.95

1 Spots Got Shots (blemish treatment serum) 15ml 34.95
2 No Spots Bye Dots (blemish cleansing gel) 130ml 39.95
3 Kick Spots Out (blemish treatment mask) 3pcs 22.95

1 Submerge Me (moisturizing booster) 45ml 69.95
2 Drench Me (moisturizing cleanser) 120ml 34.95
3 Quench Me (moisturizing gel) 50ml 49.95
4 Leach Me (moisturizing mask) 3pcs 19.95
5 Shield Me (moisturizing sunblock) 45ml 44.95

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Products was provided for consideration.
Information extracted from the press kit.