Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haul: Everyday minerals : Two New Super Fabulous Bamboo Mineral Brushes

My order finally here!!!!! ^_^

Tapered sculpting face brush and Large Mineral brush

Now.. let compare to all the edm brushes I have ...

(The two from the far right are new brushes: Large Mineral Brush and Tapered Sculpting Face Brush)

Now let's compare Large Mineral Brush and Long Handle Kabuki Brush...

The Large Mineral Brush are huge! I Like~~~~~~ <3<3<3

Now let's compare Tapered Sculpting Face Brush and Dome blush brush...

Tapered Sculpting Face Brush was abit rounder/fatter compare to the dome brush. (Nice)
I just wash them and can't wait to use them!!!
Did anyone get it????
I ordered these 2 brushes thru Smoochiezz's spree: