Friday, October 15, 2010

Aranzi World Caravan - Exclusively @ Parco Marina Bay

The Aranzi World Caravan
Date: Friday 08- Wednesday 20 October (13days only)
Location: Exclusively at PARCO Marina Bay level 3 (Millenia Walk)

Personally, I know nothing about the Aranzi Aronzo... BUT, I heard about "Spritekin" before and back then I didn't knew that it was a charater from Aranzi World!

I love these wicked looking charaters.. they are so simple yet so cute(not those sugar sweet type of cute la)... their silly, goofy expression are uber cute!!

The lunch box was kinda like "Russian nested doll" (It have a total of 4 boxes)

So cute ahhhhhh~~~~~~~

The pins are uber Kawaii!!

Tetsu seem like a popular charater in Aranzi World! The Tetsu printed T-shirt already SOLD- OUT!

If you like these charaters, go check it out before it ends on 20th Oct 2010

 I know.. this entry have nothing related to "Beauty" but they are so cuteeeeeee! <3